Mental Baggage

Last night I came home just feeling spent and pretty down. Life ebbs and flows with happiness, sadness, anticipation, fear, worry, etc. and some days we just can't shake the stuff that's really good at sapping our energy.

Sunrise on top of  Spencer's Butte: not energy sapping (emotionally anyway)

Heck, I was so flustered, I couldn't remember what some of the poses were during yoga {revolved triangle... what??}. You know your brain is being overloaded when some of the basic things you know like the back of your hand just don't comprehend.

I came home and whipped up an old comfort food from childhood, pizza on bread. You simply pile on some marinara, veggies and grated cheese on to a few pieces of bread and broil for a few minutes. Comfort food in no time.

Then the manfriend suggested I take a bath and read something for fun (non chemistry). So I took the ipad, a cup of tea and a Runner's World with me and an hour later I had nearly forgot all my worries.

Because pretty pictures make me happy

My point is, that sometimes you just have to give in and take a time out. So here's to letting go of our mental baggage and focusing on bigger and better things.

What was one of your favorite childhood comfort foods or meals? 

Yoga fun: Tuesday night's peak pose was Flying Pigeon (eka pada galavasana), which also helped me get out of my head for a bit. It's interesting how something that takes more concentration and focus forces out the crap you just don't need (i.e. unnecessary stress and worry).


missris said…
When I was a kid my mom used to make us beans on toast (beans, toast, and some cheese, stick it under the broiler for a few minutes) and even though it sounds kind of gross, it is so comforting to me. I hope you're feeling better soon!
Amber said…
Oh I hear you. I've definitely had some times over the last year that I've just felt so weighed down and sad about various, random things. And sometimes it's not always easy to share with people that you aren't feeling yourself for whatever reason. I just try to remind myself that all these emotions are a part of this ride called LIFE.

Glad some quiet time and comfort food helped make you feel better last night! Sometimes that's so needed!
Vanessa said…
I was a big fan of tuna casserole as a kid; it was the ultimate comfort food for me. Unfortunately it is also full of junk and salt, so I avoid it as an adult. Boo!
I am glad that some quiet time helped you clear your head. It's good to take a mental break sometimes like that so you can just relax and fine your inner zen. I have been trying to do that lately as well because while a lot of the changes happening in my life are positive ones, they are still stress inducing so I have felt a little flustered and a lot overwhelmed. Reading, sitting on my balcony, and making a good meal all help. My favorite comfort foods from my childhood are tuna casserole, macaroni with ketchup on it (weird, I know), and mashed potatoes.
Luna said…
glad you had some time to unwind!doing something different does comfort food!to me it's pizza, I guess, or minestrone.

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