Why I Love the Healthy Living Blog Community

Hey there and happy Wednesday! I have a post in the works, but in the mean time, go check out my featured post on the Healthy Living Blogs site. 

If you found me via Healthy Living Blogs, welcome to my little space on the web. I'm Lauren and I'm a 29 year old marathoner, gin and tonic enthusiast living in Oregon (TrackTown, USA to be specific) who likes to bake and cook healthy goodness. I'm currently training for my second 50K trail race in early September. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to Heather from Then Heather Said (who also manages HLB), I got the opportunity to write about why I love this community of Healthy Living Bloggers so much.

So pop over and find out why I love it and then tell me why you love this community (or whatever community you consider yourself a part of).

Also, I need your suggestions on good summer reads. I have a serious urge to sink myself into a book these days. It seems to happen more so when summer really hits - the idea of lazy weekends, lawn chairs, reading, napping, reading. You get the idea.

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Lindsey said…
I loved Wild, by Cheryl Strayed - and I would highly recommend it to you. An inspiring read, and really good for lazy weekends, lawn chairs, etc.
Taylor said…
I just finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It was an unusual book... I'll bring it for you on the 4th if you want.
Have you read the Hunger Games books? Those are fast and easy to get into. I also really liked "City of Thieves" but it might be a bit heavy for a summer read. Also if you haven't read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, those are super fun. They are also young adult, but such fun reads! Lastly, Love Walked In is light, fun read, as is the follow up book, Belong to Me.

Happy reading!
You like gin & tonic too?! I knew I really liked you! :-)

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