Beat the Heat Dinner

Once July 4th rolled around, summer finally hit in the Pacific NW.

Friday night it was warm and Pete was out of town for work. All I wanted was a turkey, avocado sandwich on sourdough.

The thing about this sandwich is that it's a combo of things I really like, but rarely buy - sourdough bread, avocado and sliced turkey. Sometimes, you've got to indulge your cravings.

All together now: sourdough, mustard, avocado, cheddar and pepper jack, smoked turkey, leaf lettuce (from our garden!) and tomato slices.

And for dessert, I wanted something sweet so banana, raspberry and blueberry protein soft serve it was. 

Turns out, it was near 90 the entire weekend (rough for us Oregonians) so I duplicated this dinner on Saturday night with Beergaritas on the side. It was a perfect combo after hours of sweating on the McKenzie River Trail

I ran for about 3 hrs, while the manfriend and his buddy mountain biked. 

Scarfing down a pb&j post run

With a roasty toasty house, I'm already scheming other low to no heat meals. What's your favorite sandwich combo?

P.S. Big congrats to Amber who is now a married woman! 


I am not a huge sandwich person, but I would have to say I like turkey, some type of cheese, onions & cream cheese on wheat bread. I know plain and simple. :-)
J said…
That sandwich looks so good, i could eat it right now and I already ate my lunch! I have been trying to make summer dinners and i know that pasta salads and sandwiches are the easy easy to go!
That sandwich looks awesome! I am a fan of anything with avocado in it!

We have had quite the heat wave here in Minneapolis, and it's been ridiculously humid. Like so bad that your glasses and camera lens fog up when you go outside! It broke a bit when I was gone, but then the humidity returned yesterday. Bleh. I hate to say this, but I am kind of ready for cooler fall temps... I know I should enjoy summer while it lasts, but dang it is hard running in this humidity!!

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