I Heart Trader Joe's.

Have I said that lately? I fear it's been too long since I've uttered such words.

The other day I went there kind of starving after a long run and ended up buying the sample item they were giving away in the store. Luckily, that sample item was a very delicious $4.99 arugula pizza.

Monday, I decided to roll meatless and naturally, Trader Joe's helped with a lot of the ingredients. Into the pan went TJ's frozen fire roasted corn, TJ's frozen grilled bell peppers and onions, TJ's black beans and mushrooms, plus a little taco seasoning. 

Then, a grilled sweet potato (also now found at TJ's)...

While filling the burritos, I added quinoa (more protein and fiber - whoop!), avocado (healthy fats), a little cheese, mild salsa and TJ's non fat sour cream. 

I finally wrapped up the burritos in locally made whole wheat tortillas with cheddar and hot sauce on top paired with TJ's broccoli to broil for 10-15 min. 

Do you have any idea which one belongs to the manfriend?


This Meatless Monday dish was perfect because it was healthy, but has those satisfying characteristics with the creamy tastes from the sweet potato, black beans, mushroom and avocado.

Additionally, it's great if you're trying to feed big hungry men who like meat because you can fill up the burrito (or make extras) and still keep it healthy. I promise, they'll be satisfied with this dish!

And if this post didn't prove why you too should love Trader Joe's, I'll leave you with the message I saw this week inside their store.

OH, and guess who is visiting? Kristin from Nashville!

We had a fun girl's night eating pizza, drinking wine and catching up with other friends last night. Having friends visit is the best. Let the fun continue! Happy Thursday!


Leigh said…
I wish we had TJ's here so I could experience the awesomeness of it! Your meal looks delicious though! :)
missris said…
I LOVE Trader Joe's. I've always been a fan, but I feel like in the past few years their fruits and veggies have gotten even better, with more variety and organic options. Love.
Jessica J said…
I miss Trader Joes's. I so wish there was one around here! The closest one to us is in Cincinnati, which is 2 1/2 hours away. Sigh.
I LOVE TJ's! Felt so lucky to stop there twice last year since I had two flights out of Seattle. Not sure when I'll be getting back there again and that makes me sad!
J said…
OMG I can't wait for the trader joes to come here! I am counting the months until spring 2013!
Have fun with your friend!!

I actually rarely go to TJ's because that store stresses me out. The one close to me is always super busy, so much so that they have someone in an orange vest directing traffic in the parking lot... And then inside the store it's equally chaotic and I just can't handle that kind of shopping experience! But i should brave the store during a super offpeak time as I know they have some great things (as evidenced by this blog post!)
Ricole said…
That burrito looks sooo good. Yum. I need to shop at TJ's more often, it's not that convenient to me but I must go!
Lindsey said…
You have inspired me to make the black bean and butternut squash burritos again! I'm putting them on my list for dinners this week. I hope you are having fun with your house guest!

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