Thoughts on Hagg Lake

First of all, the Hagg Lake 25K was a blast! I finished the race with mud caked on my shoes, shins, calves and socks. I will do a full recap on the blog in the next day or two, but for now, a few thoughts about the race.

Thoughts that went through my head mid race:

 I LOVE trails! 

This is like having suction cups on the bottom of your shoes AND being on a slip 'n slide of mud all at the same time.

Why is that guy wearing ALL white? Does he think he's being funny? Because I don't think it's funny at all. (He later proceeds to fall and get completely muddy.)

Up, down, up, down...

Not sure if I'll still be upright at the bottom of this hill. AHHH!

SO much fun!
Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have run Friday night and rode on the trainer on Saturday. My ass really hurts running up these hills. 

This is fun, but I would NOT have wanted to run around the lake twice (like the 50Kers). 

Fritos have never tasted so good. When was the last time I had a frito?

Mile 11.5 - Ugh. Squish, squash, squish, squash...

Okay, just think of this mud as some lavish spa treatment for your feet and legs. Ha. 

Mile 14! Almost there! Can' Mud is so slippery. 

I'm going to finish under 3 hrs!

Wahoo! Finish line! Wait, I thought this was 15.5 miles not 14.75? I sort of want to run 'til my watch shows 15.5. I'm a mileage addict. 

Grilled cheese made of fake cheese and white bread has never tasted so good. mmm...

Okay, those are most of the entertaining thoughts I had through the 15 miles. I'll fill you in on the details soon, but for now, Happy Monday!

Thanks to the manfriend and mom for cheering me on and taking photos!


emily said…
Congrats on the race! I seriously <3 trails and need to run more of them. Is it sad I could taste how delicious the frito and grilled cheese must have been given what you were doing? Mmmm.
Amber said…
I saw your time on Twitter and considering all the mud and gunk you ran through AND the fact that it was on hilly trails I am super impressed by your time!! Great job!

I LOVE trail running and I miss it so much right now that it's winter and I'm doing mostly road running for marathon training. I am contemplating a 36K (about 22 mile) trail race in September of this year which has me very excited!
Leigh said…
Congratulations again Lauren! Can't wait to hear more about it :)
Congrats!! I love the 'stream of conscious' approach to a recap. :) And yah, what was with the dude wearing white? That's nuts! I would't wear all white on any run, let alone a muddy trail run!
J said…
Congrats! I totally understand the mileage thing - I always want to have a certain amount of miles! I love all your thoughts - I wish I could remember all my interesting thoughts from races!
Congrats on the finish! Sounds like it was a fun day - if nothing else, at least inside your head ;)

Fritos would be SO satisfying - salty and crunchy, that's all it takes when you're that hungry.
Ricole said…
That looks SO fun! I have to do that race next year! You are so muddy! Can't wait for the full report. Congrats!
Anonymous said…
True life: I've never run on a trail, unless you consider the bridle path in Central Park a trail. Looks fun!

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