I Have Never Been So Wet

Seriously. Crazy wet. Happy July!

At mile 6, I said to myself "This is THE wettest I have ever been" as the rain came pouring down through the trees on to the trail. And then I decided I loved it and finished another 7 miles. My wet socks were sliding around in my shoes, my shorts were sticking to my thighs, water was squishing out of my shoes.

Long trail run in torrential downpour = done.

13 miles in 2 hrs 20 minutes (10:46 pace)

My pace was a bit slower, but I was totally fine with it because I just need to get time on my feet and don't want to risk falling on my face down the trail.

This weekend's runs were done on the Ridgeline Trail around 7:30 am both Saturday and Sunday. It was so nice to run on hills and trail to really challenge my legs. And those early mornings, while painful at first, are so worth it.

It made me think that I'd love to be able to get on the trail at least once mid week, but road runs are just so much easier because you can do 'em anywhere, anytime.


Lindsey said…
Seriously. What is going on with this weather?

Even though I would rather have sun in July, I did enjoy running in the rain this weekend!
It poured here all day too.

I love the trail!! I miss it since I finished training for my big trail race. Need to get back out there for a trail run asap!
It poured here on Friday but then the heat moved in and it's like 95 but 110 with the heat index. Last night I walked outside and my sunglasses fogged up. No joke. I am not excited about doing a 7 mile hill work out with the run group tonight.....

I haven't ran in the rain for awhile, but I did run in it this spring a couple of times. I used to use that as an excuse to not run but I have gotten better about running despite what is going on with the weather - usually!
Run Jess Run said…
Can you send some of the rain out east? :)
Leigh said…
I have never run in the rain, but have run in the snow. I wouldn't mind a nice cool rain while on a run on a hot day though!
Whew, dang girl! The longest I've adventured out in a total downpour was about 4 miles :) No hat = couldn't see a thing, ha oops. Huge props for chugging through this one, and w/o any slip n' falls!
Hilary said…
I have been there too! On one long run, it was raining so hard that someone driving actually pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride...and my toes were all wrinkly when I got back!
jen said…
Great run! I could not believe the rain on Sunday. Sounds like your trail training is going good! Keep it up. :)

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