50 Miles of Random

This week has been another busy one. Summer has barely hit us in Eugene. In fact, so far, we're lucky if the temps even get near 70 degrees. Honestly, I can't WAIT for this weekend's 80 degree weather. It's going to be heaven.

I know some of you are dying of heat, but honestly, I'm getting antsy to put on some shorts and flip flops and just feel HOT.

Despite the torrential downpour we had last weekend, that didn't stop the manfriend from donning Carhartt's and rain gear to plant some things in the front yard. And I finally found the motivation to get creative in the kitchen. Luckily, it didn't take too long and involved fresh local raspberries! I'm still searching for the motivation to make all the recipes I keep starring in google reader...

Black bean, chicken, spinach burritos thanks to Dietician on the Run

Another house project: landscaping the front yard with the plants we bought recently

Berry Bliss no bake tarts thanks to Faith @ Gracefulfitness
Oats, chocolate, raspberries - yum

This week I miraculously made it to a 5 am group run on Wednesday at which we ran 9.5 miles. It was painful and I paid for it later in the day when I wanted to face plant on my keyboard due to a pesky 4:40 am wakeup call. I also got to run with Michelle one afternoon and went to the speed workout last night, which was a fun one.

The workout: warm up, 6 minutes out the bark trail @ tempo-10K pace, 1 min rest, 6 min @ tempo back, 10 x 80-100m sprints on the track, repeat 6 min out and 6 min back, cool down

Long story short, this is a high mileage week for me. I'm hoping to run ~20 miles on trail Saturday and 8-10 on Sunday. Hitting and exceeding 50 miles is something I rarely do even during marathon training. But, my body is feeling strong and all this yoga is helping me stay uninjured!

Yoga Challenge for the core:

1. Start in high plank, drop gently down one arm at a time,to forearm plank and then return to high plank (repeat 10 times)

2. Hold boat pose for 30-60 seconds

3.. Put hands behind hips w/ legs still at 45 deg angle from boat pose and drop feet to just above the floor and raise them back up (repeat 10 times)

4. Stretch out pointing your fingers and toes. Roll over onto your stomach into superman. Raise and lower your arms and legs with your breath. (repeat 10-20 times - hold last rep)

How was your week? Can you run, work, eat and live on less than 8 hrs of sleep per night? I'm really not good at it I've learned. My body simply prefers 7-8 hrs.

P.S. I've been loving The Kitchen Sink lately. Beautiful photography and some delicious looking recipes. What's your favorite blog of the week?


It's really hard for me to get 8 hours of sleep in on the weeknights but I've been trying my best to get AT LEAST 7 in lately!

Nice job on the high mileage. Yoga will definitely help prevent injuries!
Meggie said…
I require at least 7 hours of sleep or I can't function which makes me worried for residency. Also, you can totally trade places with me in this 100F NYC heat.
I have given up on getting more than 7 hours of sleep a night. It's just not possible with my 5 or 5:30 alarm (depending on the day). Even though I have gained back so much time now that I don't have the long commute, I still don't feel like there are enough hours in the day!

That's awesomem that you will do a 50 mile week this week! Don't you wonder how people do 100 mile weeks? I think my most was 38?
I usually get 7 at the most during the week, and seem to function okay...

That's an intense core routine - bookmarked for later use :)

Hope you're getting those summer temps!
Lindsey said…
I feel the same way about the weather. Good luck running 20 miles today! Boat pose is soooo hard for me. That probably means I need to do it more often. I wish I had a favorite blog this week but I think I have only read a few posts all week! I'm so behind...

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