Was it THAT bad?

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday so far! I have hopes that it won't pour ALL day like it did yesterday. Ugh! Luckily, I squeezed in 6 miles in the morning before the rain really started coming down.

My mom sent me a few photos she took last weekend at the Peterson Ridge Rumble and I thought a few of them were worth posting here, mainly because I look in serious pain.

Really, was it THAT bad? Apparently.

Don't mind the hideous hair beast. Sometimes, it can't be tamed.

As soon as I finished, I stripped off my long sleeve, removed the shoes and socks and hiked up the pants. I was just a bit overdressed.

Well, I hope I've amused you with these oh so flattering images. I'm off to run some more miles and hopefully not have this look on my face!


Ha, aw Sass. You do look pretty exhausted in the ground-pic. We've all had those photos ;) I just looked through some of the "official" pics from the race last weekend and I look pretty tired on the course, not surprising or flattering.

Hope you're enjoying some rain-free miles!
Ha, I would have looked very similar - or actually, worse - if I had let Becky take a post-race photo of me after the Cherry Blossoms run. She offered to take one and I was like, 'um, no, I just threw up. I can not pose for a photo!' I was a bit of a bear after that race! :P

Yea for getting in a run before the rain set in yesterday. Hopefully you dodged the rain today, too!
Hahahahaha I guess it was THAT bad. That's how I felt after Portland :P

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