The Threat to Women's Health

First off, yesterday I read this article in Glamour's May issue on 'The New Toxic Threat to Women's Health' and it got me pretty freaked out. I wish I could link the article for ya because it's a good one, but if you don't subscribe, run to the nearest grocery store and pick one up!

I wouldn't say this stuff is necessarily new, but the article has enough frightening evidence to make you think twice about microwaving your food in a plastic dish, using just any old makeup and buying the cheapest shower curtain you can. Evidence that shows some of these chemicals we come across every day could be affecting women's fertility and even weight as they confuse the body as something they're not.

Straight from the article:

Three Chemicals to Know (and how to avoid them)
1. Bisphenol A (BPA) - used in many plastics. Human studies have linked it to fertility problems and heart disease. To avoid it, don't microwave food in plastic containers, and choose glass over canned goods.

2. Phthalates - used to make plastics more flexible, found in some cosmetics, air fresheners and cleaning products. Research suggests that some phthalates contribute to weight gain and may interfere with male-type hormones (like testosterone) found in both men's and women's bodies. To avoid it, buy fragrance-free products (and read labels).

3. Tributyltin - used to preserve boats and a component of PVC, which can end up in your shower curtains. TBT may turn stem cells into fat cells. Avoid it by buying PVS-free plastics.

Anywho, that was just a quick and dirty example of what some of the article mentioned. There are several scarier points that made me freak out (and contemplate never buying canned goods again). Yep, many cans have BPA in them as well! Oh goody, as if I wasn't paranoid enough already!

On another, more uplifting note, I got a good sweat session on last night that is sure to leave my arms sore for a day or two. I worked late so I missed Lifeforce, but decided to do my own little circuit style strength workout at home. I used a few of the fitnessista's workouts and added in some extra special moves here and there.

Here's what kept me sweating for 45 minutes straight:
  • 5 minutes straight of jump roping
  • 1 round Winter Shape Up 2010 - Intermediate/Adv
  • extra credit burpees
  • 1 round Monday BANG workout
  • left and right step ups on to a chair (15 reps per leg, 2 sets per leg)
  • alternating jumping lunges

I even managed a few minutes of necessary stretching afterward!

For some other killer Fitnessista approved workouts, check out her 2011 Winter Shape Up workouts. Gina's workouts are some of my favorites because they get you sweating in no time, they're free and they don't take much more than a set of dumbbells and a balance/ab ball.

On a COOKIE note: If you're looking for a fairly healthy cookie to make this week(end), Angela's Ultimate Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are worth your time. Sometimes I'm shocked at how good vegan baked goods can taste without butter and eggs!

Does anyone have a good health/fitness/food/other article to share with the group? I also read another good article, Time for the truth about Gardasil. That series of three wonder shots to protect young women from getting cervical cancer may be to blame for some cases of serious illness and even death.

And with that, I hope the links you all leave me are to articles about puppies and sunshine...


Funny, sad, but true: the FDA has banned BPA in plastics used for injectable drugs (IV bags, IV lines) for years and years because the risk or BPA toxicity is too high. But it has done nothing about BPA in containers that hold foods. Love it.
I'm SO BAD about heating stuff up in plastic containers. It's a habit I really need to break asap.

I feel like EVERYTHING is bad for us these days. Sigh.
Oof, I'm with Amber on that last point. It's a recipe for paranoia, luckily none of us have totally gone crazy yet ;)

On a lighter note, just for laughs (but SO NOT FUNNY at the time): D put foil-wrapped pizza in the microwave the other day. He got a slice at WF, didn't realize they wrapped it in foil...but it WAS in a cardboard-slice-box. So, either way, NOT microwave safe. It caused a mini-microwave fire that just aobut caused MAJOR freakouts from both of us. Luckily the kitchen (and pizza, barely) survived...
Yeah, it's scary how much is bad for us and yet it's legal for companies to produce! Things are a bit backward I'd say.

And Heather - yikes! Foil + microwave = disaster. Glad you didn't have a fire. :)
Eeks, that is scary. I have so much plastic tupperware/glad wear... I heat things up in it probably 3-4 times/week. Eeks. Scary stuff!
Lindsey said…
Every time I open something in a can I think about how bad it probably is. I need to pick up that magazine and read the article. I bought some glass tupperware containers when I decided to stop using plastic. I love them. I don't microwave anything plastic anymore.

The article about Gardasil is really scary.

I think I need to make those cookies!
siri said…
I try not to buy into the articles that try to scare the crap out of people just to sell a magazine or newspaper (come to think of it, they do that on The Dr.s all the time too!), but there has to be a lot of truth in it all. MUST STOP MICROWAVING FOOD IN PLASTIC!!! Such a bad habit. Thanks for the heads-up, Lauren :)
Daisy said…
good information. thanks. thats seriously some scary stuff....I totally think I have a cheap shower liner. Also interested in that Gardasil article...sounds scary :(
I read the Glamour article as well and ever since I have been extra careful not to put my tupperware in the microwave (something I often do at the office...). Nice workouts this week!

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