Stand up for YOU

In life, there are moments I find myself retreating like a child. I don't know why it happens, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm important.

In the midst of a stressful situation, I recently thought to myself, would I normally stand for an abusive relationship, friendship or work environment? The truth is, I wouldn't. So why was I backing down and not standing up for the person screaming inside?

It reminded me of an awful day in sixth grade. One of my "friends" walked up to the lunch table where we were all sitting and asked what everyone eats after school for a snack. And then she shot this look at me and words I'll never forget, "well, we know Lauren gets enough to eat." I didn't say a thing (and neither did anyone else) even though she made me feel like sh*t.

The truth was, I came home after school and ate while I was doing homework (or watching Oprah). On top of that I wasn't moving enough. And socially, I was trying to fit in with the popular crowd while slowly learning my best friends would be the cool nerds in the band (yep, cool and band in the same sentence).

From that day on, I vowed to never live up to her belief in me. I begged my dad buy a gym membership for the family and I started gradually running laps around the track and lifting weights at the gym. Before long, I became impressively strong and dedicated to getting my body into its best shape.

I can honestly say that I could now crush her in any physical activity. I rarely think of this moment anymore, but to this day am impressed at how I turned a mortifying situation into an aspect of my life that is far and away my favorite. The journey of becoming healthy both mentally and physically isn't always easy or direct, but I'm so glad I chose that path, even if it was inspired out of negativity.

So when someone brings you down, stand up for yourself and then prove to them that you can rise above it.

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S Elliewood said…
Great post, Lauren! Thanks
What a young age to have had that "tipping point" - but good head on your shoulders (especially at the age) to have turned it around! I can definitely think of times where I felt like turning someone's opinion around, and now the "physical activity" aspect of my life is so defining. Thanks for the link love :) Timely post for both of us!
Run Jess Run said…
Great entry! "Cool" and "band" should always be used in the same sentence:)
Great post, Lauren! It is impressive that you used that situation as fuel for the fire of your motivation to get in shape & be more active.

I am not so great at standing up for myself always... I get a little bit better about it as I get older. Or maybe I should say I get better at ending relationships/walking away than when I was younger...
Raquelita said…
I think it's wonderful that you used this negative situation to create something positive for yourself. However, I want to just say that the real problem was her and not you. I think it's so unfortunate that our culture is so superficial and constantly passes judgment on people - even sixth graders.

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