Running on empty

For some insane reason, I decided to ride my bike to work yesterday. The weather man said we had rain showers, thunderstorms and cold temperatures on the way. But I wanted to ride my bike.

It seemed like a good idea, until around 1 p.m. when it began raining, hard. Shortly after 6, I managed to scoot out of the office and on to meet the running group. Somehow, the skies cleared a bit and there was even a bit of sun peaking out as I finished four miles of easy running.

And finally, I layered up again and made the 30 minute commute home. Slowly, but surely my hands got colder despite my cycling gloves and I could feel my blood sugar tanking. I resisted pedaling hard for fear I might use up too much energy all at once.

I walked in the door and devoured chips and salsa while standing in my bike shoes with my backpack and helmet still on. A growling tummy sometimes demands it.

And about .5 seconds later, it was decided that we would not be cooking, but instead head to one of our favorite establishments, The Bier Stein for some stellar sandwiches and beer.

This place gets insanely packed on Thursday and Friday nights so the closest thing to a table we could find was a bench facing the front door. I'm not one to complain, though. We had a place for our rears and our laps for a table.

^My new "boat shoes" that the manfriend picked out last weekend at DSW. I'm in love with them.

The manfriend was kind of annoyed that these people had the nerve to just walk in and grab a table from a group who was finishing up when we had clearly been waiting around for something for a while. I didn't mind. The bench was cozy and the beer was good (we both had the Laurelwood Tree Hugger Porter).

We finally snagged two bar stools just in time to finish the last sips of our pints. I wish I had snapped a photo of our sandwiches. If you ever eat at The Bier Stein, you have to get The Gouddhist (a grilled sandwich on ciabatta bread with pesto, garlic aioli, tomatoes, turkey and smoked gouda). It's outta this world! And their raspberry vinaigrette...mmm.

The Royal Wedding, running, lunch with a special guy, a trip to lululemon and dinner with girlfriends are on my list for this Friday. What about you?


Ha, priceless manfriend pictures. Good way to kick off the end of the week, seats or no seats! ;)

I would love to join you on that shopping trip to lulu - i was in there the other night before Run Club and had a hard time resisting MANY purchases (until I added up the $ in my head, obviously). I watched the wedding, too! So beautiful.
Emily said…
that sandwich sounds like the best thing to happen to bar food EVER.
Yum, those must be REALLY good sandwiches if your willing to sit on a bench and use your lap as the "table" ;)

Have a great, RELAXING weekend!!
Sounds like a fun night! I get those 'I am so hungry, I am shaking so much eat when I walk in the door' moments occasionally, too! I think I have a super sensitive blood sugar or something!

My Friday included a little royal wedding watching, my boss treating me to a steak sandwich (w/out the bread of course, so basically a steak?) for passing my 7 a couple of weeks ago, and some studying. Felt like a long day, but it was a good one in retrospect.
Raquelita said…
I sometimes get those blood sugar dips, too. Not fun.
But your evening out sounds fun even without a table. The beer and the sandwich sound delicious!

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