The BEST pre-race meal

I say this now as we nervously pack the last items into our bags. But people, I have on my hands in my belly, one of the best pre-race meals EVER! Granted, you have to like cheese and bread a lot, but as long as you do, we're good.

Rustic bread from local grocery
Organic fire roasted tomato marinara
Ripe avocado slices
Shredded cheese blend
Cracked pepper

Put everything on in the above order and broil for 5-10 minutes. This put a whole new meaning to carb loading. We were literally shoving that food into our face, slice by slice. YUM!

After watching an episode of Big Love on Netflix, we went ahead meticulously packing everything we'll need for tomorrow's Beaver Freezer Tri.

I really hope I have everything! Just can't forget the BIKE!

Recovery clothes are my favorite - the sign you will no longer be putting yourself through misery.

I can't believe we've been training for this thing for eight weeks! I'll be honest, the part I'm most nervous about (beyond the swim) is the transition x 2. It's a little nerve racking knowing that the time is just ticking away as you're fumbling to get your gear off and on.

Okay, see ya on the other side of this thing! Ready or NOT...


siri said…
That looks fab! I don't know if I've ever combined brie with avocado before, it sounds good and.....creamy. And really now, you shouldn't let anyone who isn't a fan of bread and cheese read your blog.
oH wow! That does sound yummy! I'm so excited for you. Good luck on your tri!!
Aw, my gluten-free and dairy-free heart aches a bit for that meal. Looks delish - and so easy! Yum!

I hope that your race went well - I am sure you rocked it! The fear of figuring out the transition is what keeps me from trying tris!

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