Spooky S'mores!

Last night after a 40 min run, 17 min on the stairmaster, and another 10 min of pushups, mountain climbers, abs and stretching, it was time to head home. Using some of the fresh goods we snagged at the farm this weekend, I made sweet corn, green beans, brown rice and wild salmon with mushrooms, red onions and honey mustard/honey glaze.

After such a healthy meal, the man and I were both craving ice cream. We headed to the grocery store for some slow churned cookies 'n cream. You can't go wrong with that flavor! I can never leave a store with just the items I planned to purchase, so I picked up some extra goodies.

After all, who could avoid these adorable little "Spooky S'more" Clif Kid bars? And, haven't you heard there's a pumpkin pie filling shortage? So, I had to stock up!

I was hoping when I opened these Clif bars I'd see some fun orange or black spookiness, but no such luck. But they're still organic, yummy and the perfect snack size for a long day at work!


Omigoodness. That salmon recipe sounds SOOOOO good! Wowza.

I am off to get some canned pumpkin this weekend, I've been seeing SO many amazing pumpkin recipes I've got to try it!
So jealous you have all that canned pumpkin! I reallyyy need to find those s'mores cliff bars! I'm a HUGE s'mores fan so I'm sure I'd LOVE those!

ha, I haven't tried the Z-bars yet. but, they're for kids? which reads "tasty" - right? ;)

also - ummm where is this salmon recipe??! post por favor!!
Yum. Your dinner sounds delish.

And those cliff bars look awesome!!

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