I may or may not have just eaten two cupcakes before noon.

There are worse things in life, really there are. :) And since these little beauties were made by yours truly, they can't be all THAT bad for you, right? Sure...moving on.
I'll give you a hint of what I'm wearing right now...

Any guesses? Yep, I'm the only one dressed up in my office today. But hey, as the youngest member of our staff it's safe to say I can still act like a kid once in a while, right? Growing up is overrated. Ahoy matey!

Tomorrow is a BIG college game in these parts (Oregon vs. USC) and a Halloween party with the runners! I still need to craft up a lovely dish to share with the group and convince the man friend he IS dressing up for the party. Oh men...

And if my calves and abs could not be sore for tomorrow morning's (hopefully) loooong run, that would be fabulous. Thanks again to the bootcamp class at Lifeforce Fit for kicking my butt on Wednesday! Just three weeks now until my 1/2 marathon! I'm really trying to spend some extra time doing yoga, even if that means 10 minutes in the morning after I've walked the dog, or a few downward dogs when I get home from a run. What about you? Are you making yoga/stretching a priority?

After my run, I'm headed off to a pedicure so these toes can get glammed for Chicago. That's right...we leave next week for the man friend's brother's wedding. Operation dress photo taking is happening this weekend. Check back next Monday for photos!

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and consume lots of sugar. You can run it off later. ;)


Morgan said…
Mmmmm cupcakes!!! :)

I totally use the excuse I'm the youngest in the office for everything. Heck my nickname is "kid" for goodness sakes! LOL!

3 more weeks?!?!?! Yay!!! Have fun in Chitown! I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since I left there!
Those cupcakes look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Have a funn weekend.

I have been doing yoga three times a weeks and I can FEEL and SEE a difference in my body. It's great!
PS: I'm the youngest one in my office, too :-)
I don't do as much yoga as I should. I tried going to a class this summer but didn't care for the instructor and then it just fell off the list of priorities.

But with my 1/2 behind me, it needs to get back on the priority list as I know I would benefit from more stretching!
Teresa said…
Those cupcakes look A-MAZING LP! LOL I love it. I think the best thing at our office party was the caramel apple pie I helped one of my co-workers make - he did an awesome job.

PS I can't wait to see the whole pirate costume!
Anonymous said…
Add another to the list - ALSO the youngest in my office! haha

those cupcakes look delicious!! Hope you had a fun weekend - and YAY Oregon!!! I was checking the score all last night to make sure you guys were winning ;)

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