happy jeans friday...

to you and you and you! I hope you are all wearing jeans or something comfy and fun this fri! Today, I woke up at 630am, did a little Bootcamp and then already sweating, took the dog for a 10 min run in the crisp fall morning. It felt good to get going early. Then I made the man pancakes and coffee, vacuumed and did a quick mop! My Fridays are sure turning out to be full of productivity these days.

In true business cas wear, I put on the dark jeans and put the hair in a pony tail with yellow headband. I just wasn't feeling the whole straightening and making this mess look polished routine. Know what I mean?

Ok, well looking forward to a little workout after work, happy hour with the man and friends and a movie! Doing anything fun or fall this weekend? I need to fit in a 9-10 miler tomorrow morning and do something fallish (say getting fresh apples from a local farm or perusing for Halloween decorations but not actually buying them). Sunday involves a lot of driving and the man's psychocross (cyclocross) racing. Fun fun!

PS-What fall fashion items are you pining for? I'm set on getting a pair (or two) of boots. I'm really loving the Frye Campus boots that would go great with casual skirts and skinny/straight jeans AND some black round toes like these or these. I'm also searching for a pair of skinnies that stay on my rear and don't look half bad. And a nice plaid button up. Can you see this country look coming together or what? Something like what the fabulous Chels from We Are Not Martha is wearing here...


KGreg said…
I'm so jealous -- I'm never allowed to wear jeans to work. I'm looking forward to throwing on jeans and a hoodie when I get home, though. Hope you have a fun fall weekend!
Kristin said…
I just ordered some low-heeled brown leather boots from J. Crew (hoping their extended calves will work for my huge legs). I thought that was more interesting than my usual choice of high heeled black. And I am in love with the Boden fall catalogue!
I love jeans day! I didn't wear jeans ALL summer but now that I'm back in school I am wearing them a few times a week again!

Have fun with your 10-miler! I'm itching to run right now but I'm saving up for my half on Sunday!!
Anonymous said…
i haven't even thought about Fall shopping yet! where has my mind been?! I want a cute wrap dress to wear with cute boots :) haha...not sure why, but that image is stuck in my mind. OH! and a fun new coat. ah, LOVE coats.

Tomorrow will be FULL of Football, after a 10-mile run. That's Fall for me ;) hope you have fun at the "psycho"cross thing, haha.
Oh, I was so happy to put on a pair of jeans this morning & head to work. :) Makes my week. I love dressing up, but wearing jeans is fan-freaking-tastic.

I am pining for a pair of riding boots. I really want them, but to pull that look off I feel like you need to wear skinny jeans and I just feel like they are so unflattering on me... I am goign shopping w/ a friend in a few weeks so I am going to ask her for help on this!

Enjoy your weekend. I'll be doing a 10 miler this weekend as well!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I love Chels's boots! I also got an amazing super inexpensive pair from Target a couple weeks ago. Wore them all day yesterday and they're super comfortable!

Chels said…
Hi! That's me in that photo ;)

Outfit breakdown:
The boots are from Madewell (www.madewell1937.com) FAVORITE store ever. Boots were kind of pricey but I loved them enough to buy them in black too hehe. I think it's always worth investing in sturdy timeless boots. Totally worth the money and the leather breaks in like a dream!!! You can never go wrong with a sweet pair of Fryes either :)
The denim leggings are also from Madewell! Yes, DENIM leggings. perfect for fall. And the shirt is from forever 21, I believe!

Keep staying fabuuuulous, lady! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Sassy Molassy said…
Kristin-you can't go wrong with JCrew! And I know shoe stores can stretch shoes/boots as needed.
Trials-I too have been searching for the right wrap dress. I've seen some cute ones at BR and JCREW over the years. Just need to get one some day and get it hemmed bc that's always my shortie dilemma.
Lisa-I'm determined to find a pair of skinnies that actually work. I haven't given up on these hips/thighs in skinnies.
Sues and Chels-Thanks for the info! Madewell isn't out here other than in LA, but looks like some cute stuff. Kind of a JCrew like style. I believe spending some $ on shoes that will last a long time and you actually wear and love are truly worth it!

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