Back on track

Well, Saturday was busy busy busy with errands, running and time with the man. After Costco and Target (where I got some cute rain boots), I headed off on a run. I did about 7.5 miles, including a few hills (running up and over the freeway and back again) and pushed the pace. My legs and body were pretty dead. So much for a 10 miler. But all was not lost. We headed off to Thistledown Farms for some fall fun. I picked out a few pumpkins, sweet corn, apples, green beans, and a pepper. Then we feasted on some of our fresh goods with dinner! There's nothing like eating fresh and local.

Sunday I took the day OFF from exercise. Go me! We hit the rode with a few other cyclists for a cyclocross adventure in my new boots. I could feel those legs from Saturday's run saying "yep, that hurt." I had some apple cider and a belgian waffle with Nutella shmeared on it and watched these crazy athletes ride, hurdle and run themselves around the 2.1 mile course for 45 minutes at a time.

The new rain boots from Tar-get!

So, I'm back on the training wagon. It's not that I ever got off it per say, but two weeks of not doing those scheduled 10 milers made a difference. I'm sticking to my schedule (more or less) for the next 5 weeks to really go after that 1/2 marathon on Nov. 21st.

Where oh were did the weekend go? Happy Monday!


Sounds like a great weekend! It's always nice to take a day off every so often!!
Anonymous said…
I've missed two "scheduled" 11-milers, getting in harder/more creative runs, I hear ya! :) Hopefully I'll still be ready for the half on Sunday - haha, you'll be More than ready by November 21!

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