Little victories (emphasis on little)

Yesterday, all I wanted was a little whole wheat raisin walnut roll to go with my salad for lunch. I hopped on over to the corner french bakery (which is to die for!) and waited for 15 painful minutes as four customers ahead of me were each helped with their espressos, paninis, croissants, etc before giving up.

I simply couldn't stand there any longer drooling over cookies the size of my face, a chocolate hazelnut torte and marionberry scones. So I walked out and headed off to run a few errands on my bike. I returned later with a grumbling stomach to no line and got my bread and went back to work. Mark that as one victory for this sugar obsessed woman who rarely leaves the bakery without a sweet treat.

The last few days I've armed myself with my favorite orbitz gum for those times when I just want something to chew on. Try it sometime, it really helps. That and biting my nails. Now if only I could kick that disgusting habit!

And this morning, after doing 45 min of yoga/pilates, I grabbed an Americano on my way to work. As much as I'd loooove to get a chai or fancy dancy latte, I must refrain for my wallet and arse's sake.

P.S.-Good luck to all you marathoners out there running Nashville 1/2 and full tomorrow! I wish I were there. Absolutely in love with that race, that place and those people. Sigh.

P.P.S. - Just found this old post from 2007 about 25 things I was looking for in a man. Hilarious, but impressed with how many of these qualifications the man friend meets. Thank you, universe.


Amber said…
Awww. That's super cute about the man friend. Glad to hear that you held out and found what you wanted!!

I'm chewing gum right now, to avoid eating the chocolate chips that are sitting in a bowl, on my mom's desk, staring at me.
magda said…
I love reading back-posts, and seeing how far I've come ... as well as how much is the same. How perfect that he aligned so well to that list!

Good work on the bakery, too. That's a victory for sure!

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