What I'm looking for...

Or at least the top 25 things I can think of right now that aren't directly related to my future man's looks. This is in response to "Man Needs Date" AKA Mike Cherico's blog b/c he can't seem to date anyone who's not his type (blondies) and therefore was challenged by readers to list what qualities (besides looks) he'd like to see in his future Mrs. Right. My first five are most important and the rest are in no particular order, other than being paired with their beginning word. I've got to satisfy my type A personality somehow. Some are borrowed from Mike's list. So here goes...

He should:

1. be smart, witty and intelligent
2. make me laugh and have a good sense of humor
3. be open and non judgemental
4. be caring and generous
5. be highly motivated
6. appreciate good food (especially Thai and Italian)
7. be willing to watch a chic flick with me
8. be able to tolerate my affinity for both country and hip hop
9. be spontaneous
10. be confident, but not cocky
11. be honest and trustworthy
12. enjoy sports (playing and watching)
13. enjoy a good wine, beer or coctail
14. enjoy road trips
15. enjoy big cities
16. get along with my family and friends
17. have some fashion sense
18. like to cook
19. like snow sports (or at least be willing to learn)
20. like the outdoors
21. like kids and want a family some day
22. like to cuddle
23. like to travel
24. like to read (books, magazines, blogs, etc)
25. not spend more time getting ready than I do

So, what's on your wish list?


Kayla said…
I wholeheartedly agree with most of this list, but especially "not take longer to get ready than I do." Sometimes my bf is very guilty of that. It's not so much the getting ready, but the getting out the door part... Anyway, it's good to know what you want before getting into a relationship.

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