I like making plans, so shoot me...

It's true, I'm guilty. I like planners and lists. I don't like deviating from a plan. I like the feeling of solidified decisions (maybe because I'm so indecisive that it's a miracle when I'm not). Three weeks ago mom emailed my bro and I to ask if we wanted to go on a ski weekend with the fam and our significant others sometime soon and could we please let her know what weekends would work best. In usual fashion, after asking the man friend, I replied all (so my bro who can't make plans worth a damn) would know what weekends worked for us. A week later, no reply.

Last week I emailed his gf who said she hadn't heard about it but my suggested weekend would work for her. This weekend I talked to the bro face to face and he thought maybe that week would work, but he'd have to ask for it off very soon. UGH. Yesterday I called my mom to tell her what weekends would work (again) and suggest that even a weekend in April would work, but PLEASE call me and let me know what's decided or let's just cancel it. Last night an email from mom said dad thought the mountain would be too busy (WTF?! Yes dad, sometimes you will have to deal with lines at a place that is popular. Get a grip.) but maybe sometime in April would work but they'd have to talk about it more. HA!

And last night after a trip to the dog park, I felt like a crazy person when the man friend suggested we grab a beer at a local establishment at 7PM. Mind you, we had planned to go home and make pizza and I was starting to get pretty hungry. I was like "wait, are you serious or joking? I can never tell." He was serious. So I was like ok, well we can get dinner and beer then. No, no he just wanted a beer and atmosphere.

Moral of the story is, frustrated and confused, we headed to the grocery store and picked up the pizza dough and some local microbrews and went home. I felt like I had won, but was defeated at the same time. I wanted to do what he wanted to do, but I wanted it planned out. I'm great if I know what's coming ahead, but when I don't, I feel thrown off course, confused, slapped on the side of the face and then ultimately like an idiot when I can't be flexible and change my plans for someone else. Maybe it's about time I take my plans and just throw them out the window.


JulyBug said…
AHHH! I feel you. Seriously. You have no idea at all how I am afflicted by this very issue! Deviating from the plan makes me anxious. I think it's the result of having the world's most 'go with the flow' 'play it by ear' parents.
Amber said…
I'm like that too, a huge planner. Whenever my boyfriend suggests doing something spontaneous, like goign to a movie, or out to dinner or bowling or whatever I kind of hum and haw over it. I'm not the type of person to be like, "yes, let's do that!" That's just the way I am! If we have plans to make dinner at home and he suddenly suggests to get takeout or go out to eat I don't like to automatically agree until I run through a quick list of questions in my head:

- do we have the money?
- will the leftovers keep for another night?
- where can I get something fairly healthy? etc.

I totally feel your frustration with the ski trip, I'm like that when planning any sort of trip as well!!
Kerry said…
Wow...I could easily have written that entry. I don't feel quite so nutty anymore!
KGreg said…
I totally agree. I have actually cried when I have something all planned out in my head and someone else changes the plans (and we're talking dinner and a movie here). I've generally tried to explain to my friends that this is the way I work so they're not surprised at my reactions, but it's tricky for them and super stressful for me.
heatherdc said…
Ha I get a little thrown off by some stuff too. Although if someone said "lets go get a beer" I'd be like yesss! lets do it!
Traveling, etc?! Omg. Totally THE planner of the family. Sad to say, but I get a little into it. And a little crazy when other people are slow about it. :) I hear ya.
Shoshanah said…
I love making plans in theory. But my problem is the making plans doesn't quite trasnlate to DOING the plans.
Laura said…
Like most of you, I'm a total planner, and my boyfriend is just the opposite. However, I actually don't mind changing my plans at all - I just like to have a plan made. I hate when I say goodbye to him and don't have a plan for when we're going to see each other next. It's so silly, because we rarely go more than 24 hours without seeing each other, but I like to KNOW when that's going to be, whereas he'd rather just say "talk to you soon" and then give me a call later that night to hang out. We're working on compromising!

With regards to Runners Lounge, I have to guiltily admit that I didn't submit anything. Tom and Amy reminded me just before the deadline, but to be honest, I just had no idea what to write about. If you guys will still take a submission today, I'd be happy to write something, but you have to give me some kind of topic instruction or I'm stuck :)

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