Cute is...

1. when he grins and tells you he's not sure how he got so lucky.
2. when you ask what part of his mom and sister's visit would he like you to be a part of and he replies, "all of it."
3. when he buys a new bed because he knows it's killing your back just as bad as his.
4. when he's worried his tossing and turning keeps you up at night.
5. when he wants to spend all freaking weekend with you running errands, going to REI and even attempting to organize your room.
6. when his dog likes you and you know it.
7. when he tries to eat healthier because he knows you'd want him to.

Now please add your own "cute is..." to the list.


J said…
Very cute! It seems things are going well!! I am so happy for you!
madradesign said…
I'm so happy for you L!!!
madradesign said…
Cute is when he says good night every night to the sweet baby growing inside his wife.
Sassy Molassy said…
Madra, that is so cute!
Amber said…
Awww, sounds like things are going great for you guys. Congratulations!

Cute is when he tells you you're beautiful even though you're not feeling it!

Also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog :-)
T-Dizzle said…
Cute is when he insists you look amazing in the morning with crazy hair, no makeup, and glasses.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely Love this post. :)
so happy for you!

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