Why it's ok to keep on spending...

In other words, I'm giving you permission to keep on spending that extra cash on those unnecessary haircuts, facials, mani-pedis, massages, extra purchases at Target, a night or two out on the town, etc.

On the front page of today's Oregonian was "The $1 you don't spend today is missed by others not far away." Their example: The preschool teacher cuts back on haircuts and highlights. The hair stylist cuts back on eating out and learns how to make her favorite dish at home. The waitress starts adding oil to her car herself instead of visiting Oil Can Henry's. The Oil Can Henry's manager cuts back on family vacations to California and trips to Chuck E. Cheese (yikes) with five children. In other words, one person's small decision to cut back, combined with the choices of others, creates a ripple affect we're seeing across the board through every industry.

So, why did this strike me? I'm going to get my haircut later this afternoon. I thought about waiting another month and then decided, "ah, who cares. It's just another $35." I have however, decided to hold off on my every other month pedicures for a few months and have been painting my own toenails in all the pretty colors I have at home. So cheers to spending! I never said I wouldn't contradict myself on back to back posts...

A few other ways I've been curbing spending lately are:
1. Saving the other half of my extra large bowl of soup I order at a nearby bakery for the next day's lunch
2. Buying the boxed tomato soup for $3 that lasts me for at least three lunches
3. Skipping out on dinner after our Thursday night runs once in a while
4. Passing on ordering beverages with dinner
5. Ordering an americano instead of my cinnamon dolce latte once in a while
6. Not spending on xmas gifts because I feel guilted into doing so

What about you? Doing anything to cut the corners where you can?


magda said…
I've been on the Americano train for a long time now. Not always, but often. Cheapest thing after drip!

I think what you're saying makes a lot of sense. I find myself intimidated into saving by the oppressive and bleak media reports. But I still have my job, and I anticipate I'll still have it in a year's time (and yes, I'm grateful for this). For me, nothing much has changed; I have no objective reason to stop spending. Thanks for the permission to continue the assault on my visa! : )
These are great tips, and I'm with you. I still spend the money I need to and splurge occasionally, but I'll take the second half of my dinner with me to lunch as leftoevers.
Danielle said…
But then we lose out when you don't make it to Thursday night dinners! It's bad for a psyche!

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