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One twenty something seeking creative ideas on possible New Year's resolutions for organization's monthly enewsletter. Will pay in cookies/baked good of your choice if your resolution is chosen.

Ok, so I'm asking for your help dear readers. Our enews goes out at the beginning of every month, for which I often write a few stories for and edit the entire thing b/c no one else seems to have editing skills worth a darn. Well, our enewsletter editor (AKA marketing and communications director) had the grand idea of featuring the entire staff and our New Year's resolutions in one of the stories. "Bah hum bug" I say, but I still have to do it. So, I need your lovely, creative, appropriate ideas. I could always do the standard "I'd like to lose 5lbs" or "To stop eating every baked good in sight," but really, who wants to settle for mediocre when they could have awesome??

I know you people have some good ideas, so bring 'em on. For example, for me to say "workout every day" would be silly because I already do that, at least once if not twice daily. But I would like to get more involved in my community, volunteer, give back to the world or venture into my future career and start making some huge changes (be open to new opportunities, guys, cities) in my life. Seeing as this is not the appropriate place to make statements about ones hopes for a new career/huge life change, I need some suggestions. Thank you!


KGreg said…
What about a resolution to make it to x number of football games for your home team? You're an alumni organization, right? Or to add x number of [insert school colors here] articles of clothing to your wardrobe. :)

I think my best resolution was to go out drinking more, which is also one of the only ones I achieved. Probably not appropriate here.
Anonymous said…
How about something involving travel? You're going to Italy right? You want to take (this number) of trips to places you've never been.
You want to try (this number) of new cuisines.
....this might be more of my personal thing, since i'm a picky eater and hesitate with a Lot of stuff. give me Mexican and I'm gooood.

umm...lets see, what else. Run a new distance? A 50 K? thats crazy. but I think you have it in you :)
magda said…
Ooooh, that's hard. Maybe something like you resolve to keep in better touch with the people who are important to you; you could aim to send one hand-written card a month. It could be to a grandma, a friend from the past, or to someone you're grateful to know (and think they should know).

Good luck! And let us know what you decide!
amric1409 said…
I like the idea of making a resolution to volunteer more. I think I'm going to try and do more volunteering/helping people next year. It's such a great feeling.

I got your blog from a comment you left on Margarita Shapes Up. Seems great! I can't wait to read more of it :-)

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