Pretty paper, pretty ribbons

I woke up sick today with a cold and sinus infection with no choice but to stay home, drink lots of water and tea, sleep and try to ignore the massive pounding in my head. To pass the time, I did some wrapping and realized how pretty it all looks, even if you have just a few little packages. Seeing the presents all stacked together with their different papers and ribbons is one of my favorite part of the holidays. That, along with parties (looking forward to dressing up in LBD tomorrow night) and baking cookies.

As I was wrapping, conveniently BOTH of my online orders arrived at our doorstep. The Body Shop products were half frozen with ice crystals on them. It just goes to show how cold it's been here and all over the country. Even Vegas and Phoenix are getting snow! Happy Holidays!


amric1409 said…
It's cold up here in BC, Canada too. -37 C this morning, not sure what that is in F!! Good for you getting your wrapping done, I really need to get on that :-)
Sassy Molassy said…
I just goodsearched the conversion and it looks like it's -34.6F so you definitely have us beat! Yikes. That would pretty much make running outside unbearable.
heatherdc said…
LBDs make everything more exciting. :) have funnnn!!

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