Goodshop, you know you want to

This summer, we started doing all of our "searching" through at work rather than googling. Working for a non-profit, we're able to select our University, search as normal and in turn receive 1 cent back for every search, which we put directly into our scholarship fund.

On top of that, you are able to goodshop on your chosen non-profit's behalf as you normally would through most retailers. The last few days I've been doing some online shopping for Christmas presents and shopped at both the Body Shop (which donates 4% of your total purchases back to your chosen organization) and Amazon (which donates 1.5%). Awesome, no? Basically, it wasn't any different than doing my normal ordering other than going to first and clicking on amazon/body shop/etc. An added bonus was that I wasn't forced to face the crazy mall crowds. Try to beat that.

If you want to know more about how it works and why it was developed, check it out. should be paying me to write this fabulous praise, but they're not. I just think it's that fabulous. Happy shopping!


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