19 degrees

That's right, a low of 19 degrees...in Oregon. This might be "normal" in your part of the world, but here, it just doesn't happen. In fact, growing up it was surprising if we had more than a dusting of snow that stuck around more than a day. This week, the week before xmas when parents are frantically trying to finish shopping and wrapping, the kids are trapped at home, unable to go to school because of a little snow and ice covering the city. And another storm is on the way tomorrow will freezing rain followed by more snow...fabulous.

Yesterday, I happily awoke to a blanket of snow. I shoved on warm layers and headed out into the early morn for a nice walk around the neighborhood with a cup of hot cocoa. I came back, scraped a bunch of snow off the car with the help of the roomies, got ready for work and slowly (10-20 mph) made my way to work across town.

Last night I even ventured out for a 5 mile run on the slippery pavement, but not tonight. I'm sure I looked hilarious to cars, especially being the ONLY runner braving the roads in this crazy running town. From head to toe, I was sporting: Nike headband, Native sunglasses (because the bright sun was bouncing off the snow), Smartwool thermal, Nike Dri Fit top, Columbia fleece vest, Burton ski/snowboard mittens (they're huge but oh so warm), Nike spandex pants, Smartwool socks and Nike Goretex shoes. About 15 min in I realized I could barely feel my legs, but hey they were still working so no harm done.

Oregonians know how to drive in some serious rain, but snow, now that's another story. Cars were being towed off the overpass, the honda civic next to me was sliding down the bridge, my tires spun at certain points. I grew up believing that you only drive in the snow in 4WD, so my toyota corolla just doesn't really do the trick (can't wait til the thing dies so I can buy a 4WD or AWD vehicle to take myself to the mountains). So today, when that packed snow turned into a skating rink covering the roads, I happily accepted the boss's invitation for a lift in the SUV. Tomorrow, I might just forge the roads, or walk the 4 miles. We'll see... And just when I was just starting to think it wouldn't be THAT bad living in a colder city during the winter months, I think I've changed my mind. I'd like a plane ticket to Arizona, Florida or Hawaii pronto.


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