NaBloPoMo: Failed, but not forgotten

So, it's the last day of November and I didn't blog daily, but I posted a LOT more than previous months. And you know what? It felt good. Just when you think "how could i possibly think of something interesting to write every day?" you realize that a) you started this blog for yourself and b) people are interested in each other and knowing what goes on in other peoples' heads.

I made the blood red orange margaritas I mentioned earlier. It was fun to squeeze all the juice out and blend it together, but it really didn't taste all that fabulous. There's this stuff called sugar that they usually put into the sweet and sour margarita mix that makes it taste oh so yummy. So surprise, surprise, squeezing fresh oj out of the oranges, adding a little tequila and ice does not a sweet margarita make.

I came home Wed night after my run to find my roommate's purchase of a Tofurkey for his sister unthawing on our counter. Blech. I just can't fathom how vegetarians can enjoy eating meat imitations. Anyway, I had to snap a photo because it was so hilarious.

I'm actually relieved tomorrow is Monday. It's crazy how long this four day weekend has felt. I'm looking forward to getting back in a routine, escaping all the holiday food and drinking and getting some serious shut eye. I am truly thankful for my friends and family who I was able to share the last few days with. The holidays remind us just how lucky we are. And speaking of being thankful, this girl is one lucky duck. My team came through with the win last night. Bowl season, here we come!


Anonymous said…
you did good with the blog posting!! :) i started posting a lot more often this summer because I actually had the time, and it became more habit than I thought it would.
I'm with ya on the fake meats. Um, sorry, but ehhhhh. Not appealing in the least.
those fresh juice margaritas however.....add a little sugar and those sound great!

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