It's foggy out there and up here

Folks, we're going on day ten here of sickness. My voice sounds like a man, that is when it decides to make an appearance. Nyquil is my go to sleeping aid so that I can actually get some shut eye without hacking up a lung in the middle of the night. I've gone through half a container of Zicam, daily packets of Emergen-C, a bag of cough drops, thanks Riiiicola and I'm still sick. Yuck.

Against my better judgment, I ran a foggy five miler last night with the group cuz I just can't stay away. How pathetic is it that I risk additional days of lung wheezing, man-voice just to go running with the crew and have a glance at and maybe exchange "heys" with the new hottie in our group? Eh, it was worth it. So cute. And somehow, it's ok when he's unshaven and has bed head.

I was thinking about that recently. The way we excuse away certain things we once deemed unacceptable on others. Like the ex that I told myself was ok to date even though he was too young and wanted to play football more than figure out his future because he had a smile that made me melt and a great body. And now, looking at the newbie I think "wow, at one time I would have said your teeth were a no go." Teeth! Ridiculous. Slowly, but surely we grow up and realize that the superficial things aren't quite as important as we once thought. And things like maturity and goals for their future just might be a teensy bit attractive in the whole dating scheme. Go figure.


Anonymous said…
To me, 'unshaven' usually looks pretty gooood. ;)

Aw...I can't believe you're still sick though, Not fun!

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