"Civil" war

It's a big day here in Oregon. Civil War. Beavers have the Rose Bowl on the line after beating USC and Ducks are vying for the Holiday Bowl. I'm not gonna lie, it would be cool to see an Oregon team (and especially not USC) go the Rose Bowl for a change, but I still want my Ducks to win. I think it's going to be a close game. After a two hour sweat induced workout it's time to get out of these stinky clothes put on the green and yellow and give those Beaver fans some hell. Happy football watching!

PS- Did anyone else go out to brave the stores yesterday? I like to drag my mom to Target and Fred Meyer around 5am just to see all the crazy women snatching cart fulls of 50% off socks like our cotton supply has run out. I got my three pairs of socks and then moved on to Target to gawk at the line wrapped around the entire store just to purchase a $5 dvd or reduced price guitar hero. Truth is, I'd rather do my real shopping for a little bit more $ than risk getting trampled or elbowed in the face by the other guy that wants the itouch/rock band/camera/etc. Plus, forgive me, but who has the money to buy those crazy big xmas gifts? Not me!


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