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I absolutely love Bill Cunningham's Fashion on the Streets featured in the NYT Style section. There's something about being able to have a little peek into New Yorkers' lives and their style sense and sometimes silliness that's kind of exciting. I'm not sure if the things he chooses truly are "the main thing happening in fashion on the NY streets" or if he just sees something and hunts down every other New Yorker wearing it that week, but it's still fabulous.

Well, back to packing for Pitt!

PS- I may be the world's worst packer. It takes me hours. I've checked our conference schedule a dozen times and still don't know what to do. I have three pairs of jeans and a stack of shirts, black capris, khakis, a dress, cardigans, a sweatshirt, four pairs of shoes and of course workout clothes and I still want to add more.

It's going to be hot and muggy, but then they say... "bring a sweater or sweatshirt because it gets chilly at night. Be casual and comfortable. Wear a Steelers jersey if you want to dinner. But wear business casual because the sponsors will be there." Um, yeah. That's clear as mud. And no, I'm not wearing a Steelers jersey to dinner.


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous you're going to Pittsburgh! That's basically my second home :) It's a little humid in the summer, but probably no more than Oregon. Little trivia: it has the most bridges in the world, only second to Venice. haha. weird huh.
anywayyy, have fun!!
Sassy Molassy said…
It's great here! I'm always impressed when places other than Oregon are green. Just had my first firefly sighting. Now I get it...they're real and they're amazing. Okay, they prob seem like no big deal for those of you who see them all the time, but us Oregon kids don't know what the heck those country songs are referring to...until now.
Rachel said…
Sounds like a great trip...I wish I was going on a trip. I think my next one will be our honeymoon, but it's not quite a year away. Yay!
P.O.M. said…
Please tell us you dno't even own a Steelers jersey. ha!

It's better to overpack than to underpack.
tshops said…
Sassy - I'd love if you check out and see what you think! may help you next time you're headed on a trip! you pick your fave brands and sizes and we send you updates when items go on sale (even keds!) let me know if you have feedback! -tamra

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