tune me up

So, I have a pretty random taste in music (some might say crappy). I love everything from Colbie Caillat to John Legend to Guster to Tim McGraw. Pretty much anything that makes me smile, makes me want to sing like I have a good voice or makes me want to get up and shake my booty. I don't think I really know what music is truly my fav, so most days I just put itunes on shuffle.

But lately, every other song seems to come up Christmas and I can't stand it! I guess that's the price you pay for loving the holiday and uploading Charlie Brown and Mariah Carey's xmas albums. So, I've been forced to choose which album/artist/song I want to listen to at a particular moment in time. I'm so indecisive that usually shuffle is my best bet, but to avoid Christmas in May, I've turned off the shuffle option. Perhaps this is why people create playlists, no?

Sidenote: Every morning on my way to work around 8:30 AM I see this guy in his thirties maybe with shoulder-length greasy brown hair, a frown, a trudge in his step and red eyes on his way to the nearby 7-11 to pick up his case of Busch Light. I know it's Busch Light b/c if I'm a little later I see him walking back after his purchase has been made with the booze in hand. Two things go through my mind: how sad is it that he's alcoholic and the first thing he needs instead of a bowl of Wheaties or a venti latte is his morning Busch Light? And second, I haven't had a Busch Light since freshman year of college at the frat parties. Glad those days are long gone.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for new music/artists you love...I'm on the prowl for some new melodious geniuses since I clearly suck at finding them. Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! This girl is just happy to be done with Monday.


I think the most frustrating thing about my IPOD is that I can create playlists, but there is no way to shuffle the songs on my playlists only when I choose shuffle songs. It's very frustrating to have to listen to the same songs in the same order. Just doesn't cut it for me.
irunwithscissors said…
Ive been really into Boys Like Girls and The Spill Canvas lately... not sure if its our style, but check em out...
Jamie said…
I hate when Christmas songs come up on my Itunes!!!
I like Boys Like Girls too:)
Rachel said…
Happy to be done with Monday, and it's almost Friday now! Yay! I don't even really like Christmas songs in December, so I don't have any on my IPOD. Strange guy and kind of sad!

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