A little recap

Last Wed. I went on a date with a guy from eH, which in itself was a monumental occasion, but I played it cool. He lives a few hours away and happened to be just an hour away last week for work so we planned to meet up. I was a few minutes late because of my need to do my aqua jogging workout before hand, but he was nice about it and had a table for us when I arrived.

The thing is, the guy was a speech communications major in college so you'd expect only the best of conversation, right? Well, wrong you are my friends. He couldn't put many sentences together that didn't have an inkling to do with his job. He was nice, tall, well dressed, attractive, had a sense of humor and paid for dinner, but I wasn't really intrigued.

He couldn't find jack to talk about when it was his turn. So, it went something like this.

Sassy: "Not everyone can do sales. I know I couldn't. I'm impressed with those of you who can do it and do it well."

eH dude: "Yeah...blah blah blah blah blah." 5 minutes later... "Yeah, so my job is pretty great." Silence

Sassy: (patiently waiting for him to come up with something because this is a tennis volley and the ball just landed in your court buddy)

eH dude: (awkward pausing) "Yeah, so..." or the occasional "What about you?"

Sassy: (so finally I jump in to ask more questions about him or occasionally, I'd just offer the information he couldn't figure out how to ask.) "Yeah, I recently went to NYC for the first time as well. I loved the city and how amazing is Central Park?! But I couldn't really stand to live there if I wasn't in a close, nice, accessible area. I mean, I can't imagine living in Brooklyn and commuting into the city every day."

eH dude: "Yeah, I was pissed we didn't get to go to Central Park because this girl that was with us had to buy a new phone and it took like two hours."

Sassy: (thinking "wow, lame excuse.") He even caught me looking out the window at some people on the street. Ha.

eH dude: "Okay, I'm losing you."

Sassy: (thinking um, yeah well it's your turn) "No, I'm just checking out what that guy is doing over there..."

So, I can appreciate that he's pretty new to his job and is still excited about it (and the pay apparently). And maybe, just maybe he was nervous, but seriously, just ask some questions dude! I learned a lot about him, but when I think about what he learned about me I can't imagine it was all that much.

Anyway, he was a nice guy and I'm glad I gave him a shot. He even texted after the date to say he had a great time and then again on Friday to tell me to have a good day, etc. Really nice, but I'm not feelin' it and that's okay. In the past I might have texted or e-mailed him this week just to appease him and try to make more friendly chit chat, but ya know what? I'm not interested, so I'm not leading him on because apparently being nice to guys can do that sometimes.


Rachel said…
Dang! That sucks that a very attractive, nice guy can't have a decent conversation! Maybe next time!
Jamie said…
hhmmmm that's sounds terribly awkward. sucks.
magda said…
Awkward guys make me nervous. Quiet shy ones I'm okay with; it's almost a challenge to draw them out. Guys like Mr. eH here are a different story, though. Sad. And good for you for not responding; once a guy like that thinks he's got a shot, it's very, very difficult to shake him. Trust me on that one.

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