He wants to visit and I'm not even joking

Yeah I know, crazy huh?

So, it turns out that sometimes eH will send you someone who is truly a great match, even if they happen to live over 1,000 miles away (because hey, this girl wasn't finding anyone of quality coming from an entire state so she adds a few states she wouldn't mind visiting/living/etc) and voila! Anyway, after a few weeks of e-mailing and now chatting on the phone a bit, he wants to visit. And to be totally honest, he also has a friend a few hours away he's been meaning to visit.

Abundance, let's talk about it. A few weeks after we started chatting I started to actually notice guys who smiled at me and shocker, I actually smiled back. I realized that the more I opened myself up to it, the more life offers you. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a nudge to make you realize that what you were doing before wasn't necessarily right, no matter how comfortable it was. Comfort for me has often been avoidance...of eye contact, nervous stomach flip flops, smiles, relationships, conflict, whatever. But you know, comfort doesn't always mean happiness. Whatever this means, I'm just happy that it's a step in the right direction. A step towards opening up and seeing what's out there. Hallelujah.

In other news, I have to say that Mondays are not my fav and never have been. This Monday started out with a flat tire for yours truly, to which I promptly called my pops (who happens to be a mechanic and my personal car guru) who gave me the local numero for Les Schwab. The roadside crew guy comes and fills my tire for free (which has gone flat multiple times and has been checked by Les Schwab in the past.) I get back on the road and head directly to the nearest tire center and ask them to please check my right front tire AGAIN while I read my trashy fiction novel and watch the Today show in the lobby. And this time, Trusty Travis finds that sure enough my right front tire is nearly worn through, but the rest are just fine. $65 (with the $25 credit they gave me for the old one) and I can have a brand spankin' new one. Fabulous. And seriously guys, you didn't need to give me the credit. I would have paid another $25 just to know my life was on safer tread. But whatevs, it's fixed and I for one am definitely a fan of Les Schwab.

And then after work and a run, I find out that one of the roommates got in a doozie of a car accident this afternoon, totaled his car and has been in Urgent Care for the past several hours. He's fine, but seriously, what are the automobile gods up to?

I think it's time to file this Monday away. It's been a long one.


heatherdc said…
ahhh I've never had a flat tire and feel completely sure that I will freak out (it has to happen eventually). Keep us posted on this potential *visitor* ;)

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