It's hip to be green

In honor of Earth Day, I was thinking of the things I try to do regularly to be eco-friendly.

What I'm doing now...

-Taking my trusty Trader Joe's canvas bags to the grocery store (and even to Target!)
-Saying "I don't need a bag" when I purchase something at a clothing store or somewhere I don't bring my reusable bags
-Turning off the light when I leave a room (although the roommates make this difficult sometimes as they don't always get it)
-Recycling everything I possibly can (I can't imagine living in a state where you just toss everything into the trash...cringe).
-Bringing my travel mug with me whenever I get a Starbucks!
-Filling my tank with biofuel
-Avoiding all red meat
-Passing on clothes I'm done with to the local woman's shelter
-Buying almost all organic food, especially produce

What I'd like to be doing...

-Riding my bike to work more (but dang, it's cold and wet still)
-Driving and flying to visit all my friends and family a bit less (major carbon footprint)
-Growing my own herbs and veggies
-Using cloth napkins only

When I started to think about it, I realized I'm doing a lot more than I originally thought. Good to know.


KGreg said…
Ok, clearly good old Al made an impression. :) I agree, though -- other than the polar bears drowning, I don't remember much from that movie. I am in awe of your efforts for greenness, though. So far I haven't done much, but you've inspired me to try a little harder.

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