The Third Trimester: Week 36

Another week bites the dust and my pregnancy app says I have 3 weeks and 1 day until my due date. Oh my lanta! 

Week 36

How I'm feeling: Heartburn was a beast this week. I'm guessing it's the way the baby is sitting/pushing against my stomach, but whoa, not fun. Again, papaya extract really saves the day for me when heartburn hits.

Also, I feel like I really grew in the last week. The belly just looks huge to me and other people don't seem to be afraid to let me know it either.

Baby: is the size of a honeydew melon (~17.2 to 18.7 inches, 4.2 to 5.8 pounds). And boy am I feeling it! When I have to get up at night, it almost feels like I am picking up a bowling ball. And when he/she moves around, my belly turns into all kinds of interesting shapes.

Weight gained:  27 lb.

Hello, little buddha belly

Exercise: walking waddling, yoga, and weights

Frankly, I'm impressed at how I've handled the whole exercising less thing. It seems that the more immobile I get with the ever expanding belly, the more I embrace the fact that right now, walks and a little strength training are all my body needs.

What I'm wearing: whatever fits over the belly + Birkenstocks. Also, just a friendly P.S.A. that these sleep pants are a-mazing and affordable.

Baby preparations: I finally got our changing pad, a few covers, some reusable wipes, and wipe solution. Yes, the whole cloth diapering thing requires a lot of "stuff," but I'm hoping it's worth it in the end. We also watched the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd, which offered some helpful tips for calming a baby.

We had our fourth birth class, which focused on transition and the second stage of labor (delivery of baby and placenta). I honestly got a little light headed thinking about the pain and the fluid loss as we watched a few live births on video (I would not do so well as an ER or labor & delivery nurse). But, I have complete faith that I CAN do it.

How is your week going? And what's on deck for your weekend? 

The Eugene Marathon is happening this weekend and even though I'm not running, I have a few friends coming into town and some fun social events happening surrounding the marathon. And, we have plenty of sun in the forecast! Ah, I love race weekends!

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Taylor said…
Holy moley, you just brought me back to the belly morphing into different shapes as baby moved. Such an odd feeling! And oh boy, transition...!!! You can do it!!! Ooh and if you think about it, you should ask to see the placenta, it's kind of crazy and cool to see something so vital to the life of your little one. Yay, you're so close to the finish line/beginning of the rest of your life as a mama! Can't wait!
That is fun that you have some friends coming into town for the Eugene marathon. Also that means this weekend is your engage-iversary! :)

I think you look so good! You are definitely all baby! It's crazy that he or she could really be here any day (although I hope he/she waits a bit as I know you'd like to help out with some things at work between now and your due date).

This week was really busy for me and the next 1.5 weeks are going to be busy so I took today off to pack as the movers come next Friday! I have sort of been in a state of denial and have barely packed a think need to get a lot done this weekend!
Luna said…
So nice that you could have fun with friends for race weekend!!!And sun is always, always welcome :) I got "light headed" when I assisted on a dentist appointment (hubby had to have a tooth pulled out) ...I wanted to be all "strong" and "i do not care about this" and I ended up on the dentist's chair, feet up, with my husband laughing at me ;-)) ,...watching is worse than "doing" it?? Hugs Lauren!!
Looking gooood! I bet that baby is very happy in there - you're taking such good care of him/her. :) So good to see you over the weekend!
Amber said…
You look so so great! Hope you had an awesome weekend spectating the marathon! You are sooo close now. Can't believe Baby Moe will be here so soon.

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