Patience is something I really thought I had under control a few weeks ago. But somewhere along the way, I lost that sense of calm. I know that our mini Moe will arrive anytime now and life will be very full, exciting and overwhelming all at once. But for now, I'm impatient.

In other news, the bump makes a good shelf these days.

Yesterday, I took three walks totaling about 2 hours of walking. Hey, it was sunny out and I couldn't ride my bike or run, so I might as well walk.

So, I made a silly list for the week of all the little things I can do to make myself feel productive. Things like vacuuming and detailing the inside of the car, washing the car, working on my blog, painting my toenails (harder than it sounds), washing the sheets, etc.

I've even considered heading back to the pool for a little aqua jogging to pass the time, but I'm afraid I'll look beyond ridiculous in my little polka dot bikini at this point.

Baby Moe's Room
I'll try to take a few better photos this week, but here's Baby Moe's nursery from the doorway. As we only have a two bedroom house, baby is getting some serious square footage and it is definitely the most thought I've put into decorating any room in the house.

That's how you know your life is changing... Well, except for the fact that half the baby's dresser is occupied by my running clothes. ;)

Tell me: what were the highlights of your long weekend? 


Leigh said…
Hang in there! I found the last couple weeks the toughest as I had no idea when I would go into labour and what was to come. I'm so excited for you though!
I think this part of the pregnancy would be so hard because you are probably so uncomfortable and you are just READY for the next stage to come! I think anticipating a change can almost be worse than the actual change itself most of the time so I'd rather just have that change happen (in this case it's a VERY exciting change) so I can adapt to my new lifestyle!!

The highlights of my long weekend were a quiet night in with Phil, going to a wedding together, celebrating his mom's birthday and checking out a local state park with another couple we are friends with. So there were lots of highlights!
Amber said…
Hang in there! You're allowed to be impatient though, these last few days/weeks would be so hard as it's just a big waiting game and you have no idea and really no control over what's going to happen. Thinking of you!! xoxo

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