The Third Trimester: Weeks 34 and 35

Can you believe I'm at 36 weeks today? Eeps! Just one month to go (give or take a few weeks/days)!

Week 34

How I'm feeling: Overall, I felt pretty good. The belly is getting BIG and I'm sure strangers think I'm just about to POP. Baby feels like it's moving a bit lower and I'm feeling more punches and pressure on or near the bladder.

Baby: is the size of a butternut squash (~17.2 to 18.7 inches, 4.2 to 5.8 pounds). At my midwife appointment this week, Baby Moe was still head down with its little butt and back on my right side and a heartbeat in the 130s!

Weight gained:  25 lb.

Rockin' the outtie

Tank still stretches juuuust enough for a little yoga flow

Exercise: aqua jogging, hiking, weights, and prenatal yoga at home

Bumps all around

The manfriend and I hiked Spencer's Butte possibly for the last time during pregnancy. It's rocky at the top, so we took it slow and I used the manfriend's hand for support several times on the decent. 

What I'm wearing: whatever fits over the belly

Baby preparations: We had our second birth class this week, which was again helpful in getting us mentally prepared for the birth. We are going through the stages of labor, learning how to identify when things are becoming "active labor," and talking about the pain level and techniques that will be helpful for each stage.

I also ordered a few changing pad covers, put up a cute mobile my friend Laura gave me, and the manfriend hung the baby's book shelves (which we need more of it seems). I also started packing the diaper bag with a few baby outfits and snacks for labor (larabars, Pickybars, KIND bars).

Cravings: cookies

Random: wedding ring still fits

Week 35

How I'm feeling: Blah. I got hit with another sinus infection Monday morning and have been trying to recover since then. Lots of fluids, saline solution, Vitamin C - loaded fruit, kleenex, and rest are my friends.

Sleep has been on and off. Some nights I sleep until 6 a.m. and other nights, my eyes pop open at 3 a.m. and don't close again for several hours.

Baby: is the size of a coconut (~17.2 to 18.7 inches, 4.2 to 5.8 pounds) and hearing is fully developed. Baby is still kicking, punching and moving its little behind around quite a bit. It is especially fun to be able to feel or see a little foot or hand as it protrudes now and then.

Weight gained:  25 lb.

Feeling (and looking) pretty blah, so all you get is a Target dressing room shot. 

Exercise: Weights + walking + gentle yoga

Keeping it easy this week for the sake of fitness, despite the fact that it's completely gorgeous out and I want to be doing #allthethings.

What I'm wearing: I bought an aqua Liz Lange maternity tank because I was running out of things to fit the belly in this warmer weather. I also bought a pair of maternity shorts. Purchasing them online vs in the store saved me some $$ too! Both have been comfy to wear.

Baby preparations: This week we had our third birth class, which focused on the transition stage of labor (i.e. when things are getting really painful) and tools we can use to get through it (i.e. mantras, breathing styles, sounds, heating pad, bathtub, massage, etc.)

In addition, we finally had a tour of the hospital. It was nice to see the different rooms we'll be in and feel like we understand the process better now that we've been taking the birth classes. I also made a batch of protein/oat balls to freeze for snacks post birth as they will be easy to eat. In the next few weeks, I'll also make a few meals to have more hearty options on hand.

Cravings: salty goodness and citrus (i.e. things that help heal a cold/sinus infection).

Random: We're officially at that stage where we plan things, but in my mind I also know that by the time that date comes around, said plans could be thrown out the window because of a little one.

This weekend I'm looking forward to: plenty of sunshine and a BBQ with my family in Portland

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

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Leigh said…
Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon! Is there anything you can take? Your belly is adorable :) Amelia loved to hang out on my right side too
Ugh that sucks that you got ANOTHER sinus infection! I hope that is the last time you are sick this year - seems like you've had a handful of them this year. :(

I think that you look so great! I can't wrap my mind around the fact that you are full term. It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were all together in San Francisco! Time flies!

What I was most looking forward to this weekend was today because I knew it was going to be 80 degrees! I attended the baby shower of a good college friend this morning and this afternoon I went on a 20 mile bike ride with a friend and now this evening I will meet up with some of the girls from the shower for a dinner. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow as I'll spend the day with Phil and we have NO PLANS! Hooray! :) I hope you had fun at the BBQ!
Amber said…
I think you look amazing! It's hard to believe you've gained 25 lbs because it looks like it's all in your belly!!

Getting so close now that your birth month is officially here! Can't wait to find out if Baby Moe is a boy or girl :)

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