The Third Trimester: Week 31

In case you missed it, Friday I posted a little look back on my Europe travels, which was a lot of fun. I highly recommend looking back on your favorite trips and just thinking about a few of your favorite moments now and then.

I'm currently 32 weeks along, so let's look back on week 31.

Week 31

How I'm feeling: Pretty good. The belly just keeps growing. Baby Moe is moving a lot, which has me gasping at moments with the strength of some of the kicks and movements, but it's fun none the less.

Baby: is the size of a pineapple (~15.2 to 16.7 inches, 2.5 to 3.8 pounds) and the same range as the last few weeks. He/she also has all five senses now, which is both crazy and cool to think about!

Weight gained:  22 lb.

From my hike w/ mom in Central Oregon

Exercise: Hiking, yoga, weights, and several walks happened this week.

Running is pretty much out of the question at this point. I am still able to jog for short spurts (1 min or so), but it sort of seems pointless and it's not super comfortable, so I'm looking for other creative ways to get my heart rate up (weight lifting, hiking/walking on an incline, aqua jogging, etc.).

What I'm wearing: I'm having to get creative with some of my workout attire, either wearing the same tanks again and again, wearing my Old Navy maternity tanks, or layering my long tanks with a shorter top so my belly is covered up.

Baby preparations: A lot happened this week! We picked up the crib from my old coworker who had offered theirs to us, ordered our Bob jogging stroller from REI, got a mattress pad/cover, met our pediatrician, and started washing some of the baby items. We also got a new chair for the living room so that we (and guests who come to visit) have more room to sit.

Cravings: Sweets and grilled sandwiches (but still trying to get 5-8 servings of veg & fruit per day). I made these NY Times chocolate chip cookies, but didn't let the dough chill. Come on, who thinks 24 hours in advance regarding baking cookies?

Random: My belly button has definitely popped out at this point. And my wedding ring still fits.

On a non baby note...
I finally jumped on The Girl on the Train bandwagon and am really enjoying the book. I totally understand why every blogger I know seems to have recommended it. I don't read a lot of books and I'm already 2/3 of the way through the book after two days of reading!

Besides The Girl on the Train, do you have any other favorite recent reads? What are you looking forward to this week?

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Leigh said…
Getting closer! Has baby kicked you in the ribs or hit your bladder yet?
Wow, you got a lot done/purchased this week! How exciting! I've heard great things about the BOB strollers so I bet you'll love having that!

I'm glad you are enjoying The Girl on the Train. That was such a page turner for me! Another book I read and loved this year was We Were Liars. It's a fast read! I actually read it in one sitting over the course of about 3 hours!
Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said…
Very busy over there! :) I love the random 'wedding ring still fits' - and am also super impressed by that, ha. So fun to read these updates!
Lindsey said…
I'm definitely wearing the same tanks over and over again. I have three I wear to teach and just rotate them.

My wedding ring still fits too! I'm surprised. Although maybe we would be more swollen if it was summer? I love that your belly button has popped out. Mine is almost there.

I should read that book. I think I need a fun book to read rather than something on labor or parenting for a change.
Amber said…
I'm so behind on reading blogs, can't believe you're already at 33 weeks now! I think you look so great and you have definitely only gained weight in your belly. Can't wait to meet Baby Moe via the blog and in person one day!
Ha! I am with Amber...I probably should have caught up with blogs before our chat! I think you answered a lot of my questions here...

There are so many things about being pregnant that I have never even considered, like what to wear when working out, like a mattress pad for a crib, like the size of the baby in comparison to a food (I like this one!)...

I have not read Girl on the Train yet. It's on my holds list and I really look forward to reading it!

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