Reliving Europe

Happy Friday, friends! 

I don't know about you, but every year about the time I took a trip the last year (or the last few years), I have this intense urge to relive it or simply take a similar trip again. This urge mostly happens in the spring months when I'm starting to dream of warmer temperatures and simply being on vacation. Mostly, I dream of Mexico and Europe.

I thought it would be fun to look back on our European honeymoon because lately I've been taking walks down memory lane by scrolling through photos on my phone (I can't bring myself to delete most of them) and on my computer.

So, if I were to hop on a plane tomorrow, where would I want to go and why?

I would jet straight to Siena for the small town feel, an incredible sunrise, and the wine (oh, the wine). Oh, and I can't forget a few slices of fresh from the oven pizza from Menchetti.

I would jet straight to Barcelona for the beach, the best vegan roasted sweet potato lasagna, perfect morning runs along the marina, and hours of sitting inside La Sagrada Familia.

via Teresa Carles (a must if you like good Vegetarian food)

I would jet straight to Lucerne to take the train through Swiss country to Interlaken. The greenest grass, the cutest Swiss homes, and the most perfect cows can be seen along this route. I would then make my way to Gimmelwald and hike among the alps. Memory via 2009 Europe trip.

I would jet straight to Rome for the history.

I would jet straight to Paris to ride bikes up and down the Champs-Elysees and eat banana nutella crepes.

I would jet straight to anywhere in France for the best baguette and cheese I've ever tasted.

I would jet straight to Gerardmer for a relaxing weekend on the lake with the best airbnb host you'll find. Watching the Tour de France wouldn't hurt either.

I would jet straight to Florence for magical little evening walks through the city that land you in some beautiful town square.

The Duomo

And I would jet straight to the Cinque Terre to hike along the coast between all five little cities and then take a swim in the ocean. Memory via 2009 Europe trip.

Okay, that was fun (well, at least for me). Memories relived. 

If you could transport yourself anywhere tomorrow, where would you be? What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


Ah! This post has me yearning for a big trip to Europe! I've been to Europe several times, but all of my trips with the exception of 1 were to just one city. So I haven't really gotten to experience a whirlwind "see it all" kind of trip like this! Maybe some day!

I have been wishing lately that I could squeeze in an international trip this year but it's just not in the cards with the other small weekend getaways I have planned. So my goal is to go somewhere big in 2016 for my 35th birthday. I'm leaning towards Spain or Argentina (Phil is lobbying for Argentina). We'll see where we end up! But right now, if I could jetset to anywhere, I'd go to Paris. I've been there so many times so part of me feels like I should go somewhere new, but I just love Paris so much as it's like coming home for me in a way every time I go there!
missris said…
These photos are absolutely stunning! Makes me want to hop a flight to Europe :)
Oh...sigh. This brings back memories for me as well. I love traveling and I will go pretty much anywhere! I have actually avoided Europe a bit lately since it tends to run on the more expensive side, but I did go last year (I bucked it up and paid out) and I am going again this summer (hurray for the cheap Euro!) and this post gives me some itchy feet!!
Amber said…
Ahhh beautiful! I almost forgot that you've had two amazing backpacking trips around Europe. So awesome! I don't think we'll ever do a big backpacking trip like that again (but never say never) so I enjoy reliving the memories of the one we did do.

Honestly, we're so enamoured with Maui I would jet right back to the Hawaiian islands if I had a chance to jet anywhere right now!

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