The Third Trimester: Week 32

I think I have officially reached that point where reality is setting in. In less than two months, we will have a baby to take care of.

While exciting, it's also terrifying to be frank. Thoughts of parenting, sleep training, breastfeeding, and well THE BIRTH are consuming my brain quite often. And naming a little human? I never realized what big a deal that was. We have a list of boy and girl names we like, but nothing we're dead set on.

Week 32

How I'm feeling: Heavier, but still feeling good in general. Sitting has become increasingly more awkward. The belly and baby are bigger, so it requires reclining to some extent no matter what I'm doing. Baby Moe seems to kick and squirm as if to say "hey, I need more room in here!" Sleep was good this week. I considered any morning I woke up at 5 a.m. or later a victory (even if it did require a nap just a few hours later).

Baby: is the size of a squash (~15.2 to 16.7 inches, 2.5 to 3.8 pounds) and the same range as the last few weeks. Baby was head down with a heartbeat in the 130's at my midwifery appointment.

Weight gained:  23 lb.

I didn't snap a profile photo of the bump this week, so this photo of the manfriend and I from Easter brunch at my grandparents' will have to do.

I got a haircut this week and while I like my stylist, she tends to go a bit chop happy when I request just 2" off. Ugh. Not a fan of the current 'do.

Exercise: Yoga at home, several walks, and a few strength sessions.

I got a sinus infection this week, so my workouts were a little lighter than usual, but I still wanted to keep moving and make sure to give this illness the boot.

What I'm wearing: Much of the same. All maternity items (minus most of my workout gear).

Baby preparations: Another busy week. I washed and folded all of the baby clothes we've received from friends and family. So far, this has been my favorite baby 'to-do' as everything is so tiny and adorable. We also picked up our BOB stroller from REI.

Cravings: All sweets and BBQ flavored popchips.

What's the highlight of your week?

The weather is turning for us today, so I hope to get my hike on and enjoy some sun in the next few days.

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Jessica Jarrell said…
Well, you look great Lauren! I love that shot of all the baby clothes, too cute. And I think it's pretty normal to be terrified, I know I would be! :)
You look so great! That is a bummer about your girl going chop happy, though! :/

I would be freaked out at this stage, too. It's like, ready or not, here he or she comes! I know you guys will figure it out but it an overwhelming life adjustment!

The highlight of my week so far was hanging out with Phil last night. It was gorgeous out for we went for a run together, made dinner and watched the Paris episode of Anthony Bourdain's show Layover which of course made me miss Paris even more!
Leigh said…
Names are so hard! We had a list on my phone and would revisit it every couple of weeks and remove names. We narrowed it down to three and we decided on it in the delivery room :)
Lindsey said…
Great photo of you and Pete (and baby Moe!). The name thing is so hard. Especially because we have to come up with boy and girl names.
Amber said…
I love your hair! I think it looks pretty :) I definitely know the feeling of having a bit too much cut off and not liking it for a few weeks though.

I think picking out a baby name would be SOOOO hard but it's something I'm definitely looking forward to doing in the future :)

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