Thankful Thursday + Fashion Friday

So, if you've been reading for the last few years, you might remember that I've tried to do a Thankful Thursday post most Thursdays of November. I remembered this week, so let's jump in a day late, okay? And feel free to join me on Thankful Thursdays if you're interested!

The last few weeks I think I've noticed every tree that has been changing color ever so slowly. My morning dog walk is one of those perfect times to notice everything as I typically leave the phone at home and just pay attention to my surroundings.

So, the changing trees {and seasons of life} are what I'm really thankful for this week.

The scene below is one from the Oregon State campus where I go once a week for two nutrition classes. This section of the campus is a little piece of tree heaven.


Fashion Friday
A few weeks ago I exchanged a skirt I had purchased from the LOFT for something I'll wear much more often, this beautiful oversized and warm sweater. For someone who is freezing for most of the winter, I don't own nearly enough sweaters. Just a tip: be sure to shop when LOFT is having a sale because frankly, it would be silly not to. Plus, they have a 40 percent off sale just about every week or two this time of year. 

Sweater: LOFT, necklace: LOFT, jeans: Hudson, boots: Clarks

Also, I've been considering dying just the grow out from my highlights (the lower 6" or so) to my natural brown. Has anyone ever done this?

What I'm pining for {fashion wise}: all the infinity scarves.

What I'm listening to: Serial, a podcast of This American Life. Someone mentioned it at yoga one morning and I have been hooked ever since. It works great for the days I am in the car a lot driving to and from school.

What are you thankful for right now? Happy Friday!


Jessica Jarrell said…
Love, love, love the outfit! I love those boots, super cute! I'm thankful I'm over this really nasty cold I've had. Which reminds me I'm thankful for chicken noodle soup, LOL. Have a great weekend! :)
Vanessa said…
I am all about the sweaters and scarves these days! Unfortunately all of the leaves have already fallen where I live, but they were gorgeous while they lasted.
I love the fall color photos! Our leaves are long gone so it's looking mighty brown around here these days... and we are getting some snow this week so I guess our nice fall weather is over! But we did have an especially beautiful month of October so I can't complain!

I'm starting my 10 days of Thanksgiving post series next week and can't wait. It's good to focus on what we are thankful for as I tend to focus on what I am working towards/wanting/wish I had/etc.

I am all about sweaters these days as well. I bought 2 at Banana this week as I had 50% off 5 items. I get so cold so easily so I'm all about wearing warm clothes! I'm also wearing my boots as much as possible as they will get put away when the flakes start to fly!
Leigh said…
I wish the trees here still had leaves on them, but unfortunately we just had snow and they are officially all gone :( I've grown my highlights out took probably well over a year because my hair doesn't grow super fast. It can be done though :)
Amber said…
I LOVE that sweater! It is so cute and looks very cozy!
I really love boot and sweater season, and that is a super cute sweater! Unfortunately, I have to dress up for work and then on my days off I generally wear running clothes and PJs most of the time, but I can't wait to break out my skinny jeans and boots!

I have actually never shopped at the Loft or Ann Taylor, but I find perfectly good, unused pieces at the thrift store all the time and they are some of my favorites!

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