Finding Fall out on the Trails

Last weekend I hit the trails in search of some of my favorite views and running spots. It's funny, 90 percent of the time I run around my neighborhood, on the bike path, or on flat, well-known trails in town. But that the other 10 percent of the time when I venture out, I notice I enjoy my runs the most.

Mt. Pisgah is one of those places where I probably only run 5-10 times a year and yet it's only a ten minute drive from Eugene. Granted, it requires a little more planning, time and $3 for parking, but it's always worth it. 

My friend Laurel and I headed out on my favorite loop around the mountain (i.e. the scenic route), which is about eight miles in total. I love when you get to the back side and the single track opens up onto this rolling country road.

After a mile or so, you head back UP into the single track and into the forest for some hilly fun. Again, another favorite view is right beneath these power lines. I love how you can see the fall colors even through the fog.

These trails tend to invite you to mosey on at your own pace because really, why rush this scenery?

And soon enough, you're greeted by fall at its finest. Hello, yellow everywhere. 

With tired legs and rears, we got back to the parking lot about an hour and a half later. And what better way to warm up than a cinnamon dolce latte (1/2 the syrup) in one of the first red cups of the season?

Afterward, I meandered my way through Old Navy looking at some of their cute fall wear. Sometimes, simply window shopping fills my urge to actually purchase something. #clothesaddict

For trail gear, I'm still loving my Nike Zoom Terra Kigers as they're light, have good tread, and are wide enough for my fat feet. Saturday, I wore long spandex, which were warmer than needed but nice for running through brush, wet bushes and past blackberry vines.

Beyond that, I always like to wear layers on the trail, so I wore a tank + 1/2 zip long sleeve and a light Novara vest. The vest was overkill on Saturday, but often times perfect for cool or wet trail runs. Plus, it has a HUGE pocket in it to carry gloves, fuel, etc.

I don't know about you, but it's that time of year where I am once again shocked at how soon Christmas will be here. Cue shopping panic! The last few years we've been pretty minimalistic about gifts, but I always find this internal struggle with wanting to give nice gifts, but not wanting to give just to give (and worst of all, giving someone something they don't want or won't use).

Okay, back to microbiology...

What's your favorite fall activity you've done this year? Do you have a "plan" for Christmas, whether it's how you're going to celebrate or purchase gifts? 


Sounds like a beautiful run! I'm a road-runner, but on my to-do list for the next few years is branching out into trail running. It just seems so peaceful and zen!

I recently took up oil painting, so I hope to paint a few Christmas presents this year. Beyond that I'm clueless... and broke... so I might just invite everyone over and make pies or something :)
Amber said…
Wow what an awesome trail! Looks like it was a beautiful run.

I kind of hate Christmas shopping, not going to lie. I just think there is SO MUCH PRESSURE on Christmas and giving gifts and it's not actually supposed to be about gifts at all. And to be totally honest most of the stuff I receive is stuff I don't actually need/want/use so I can only imagine what people think of the gifts I give them. I usually only get one gift per family member and I try my best to keep the budget reasonable but it can be so hard and I just find it really stressful and like there is a lot of pressure when it comes to Christmas shopping. There's my random rant for the day. ha
That trail is beautiful! And that is awesome that it's not too far of a drive from Eugene! I am glad you got a chance to get out there with a friend.

My favorite things I have done this fall is my runs along the river and the bike rides I've done with my friend. I also really loved hosting a pumpkin carving party with Phil last week. I, too, can not believe how fast Christmas is coming. I feel like I need to get my shopping done extra early as we are gone Dec 5-10 for our Jamaica trip so I will need to start shipping gifts right when we get back so they get to my nephew and niece on time (the rest I will get to see in person luckily). My family has cut WAY back on gifts in the last several years. We get something for my parents but none of us siblings exchange. And Phil and I are talking about doing some sort of experience gift as there isn't anything either of us really needs either...
Leigh said…
Those trails are gorgeous! You are lucky to live there :) Ah Christmas...I feel the same way as you. Pressured to find the perfect gift instead of just getting something for someone because you have to. I bought my mom tickets to see Stuart McLean (he's on a radio show up here), which I thought was a fun idea
Natalie Land said…
Looks amazing.

I just went home for the long weekend to Hobart. I ran for 1 hour with a snow covered mountain on one side and a river with boats docked on the other side. It was so much more enjoyable than my same old everyday run I do at home.
I love your trails! Ours are beautiful, but we don't have as many fall colors due to the mild temperatures.

I have not bought any Christmas gifts but I need to get moving, as our family is doing an early Christmas this year. However, I only get for my parents and my brother and a couple of friends, so it's not too much pressure to hurry. Yet.

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