Things You Can't Do with a Bum Knee

This is a pretty lighthearted post in light of my little knee injury, so I hope you enjoy!

In the last several days, I've become aware of just how many things I can't do well or can't do period with this bum knee of mine. In case you don't know, I tripped on a rock, hurt my knee and had to get five stitches, which has left my knee swollen and painful to bend.

Without further ado, the things you can't do with a bum knee:

Run - The skin is really trying to heal in this area and with plenty of extra fluid around my knee, I'm afraid to chance it and make the swelling or wound worse. Update: I tried jogging just a few steps this morning and it was painful, ugly and not really possible. 

Attempting not to walk like Frankenstein last night. Impossible. 

Jump - Bending deeply hurts so I'm sticking to the ground.

Swim - Usually when you have a running injury, swimming is one of your best go-to options, but when I think of kicking while swimming, it just makes me cringe.

Ride a bike - Okay, maybe you could do this one legged, but I'm positive you'd look like some kind of circus clown. Even so, I've actually played with the idea a few times in my head. Update: this morning I tried out the bike trainer for 5 min after that failed attempt at jogging and it was slow and a bit less painful than running. I might try to use it to help get the fluid out of my knee. 

Go down stairs gracefully - Yeah, stairs are a tricky one. I basically have to go step by step with my injured leg first because it isn't able to bend enough to be the trail leg. It makes taking stairs at work a slow process for sure. I abandoned them and took the elevator after a meeting on the fourth floor yesterday.

Yoga - I'd be fine if we stayed in down dog or forward fold, but any type of flow is out of the question.

All of that said, I know things could have been a LOT worse, so I'm really thankful that for the most part I'm just fine.

As I was leaving Urgent Care Saturday afternoon, I asked the doc how soon I could run. She kindly said I could really run whenever I felt like it as I had done no structural damage.

The next morning, I laughed at my naive self as my knee was quite swollen and throbbing in pain. Running would be out of the question for at least a few more days. The old stubborn me would probably have gone out a day later and attempted to hobble along a mile or two, but the older, wiser more cautious me knows that it would only delay healing.

Meanwhile, you can find me dreaming up ways to get my sweat on with the use of one leg and my upper body. So far, I've done a few very slow dog walks around the block and a few upper body/ab sessions in the garage. It's amazing that you don't realize how much you rely on something until you can't use it.

Perhaps now is the time to work harder than ever to discover that six pack?

Special thanks to the manfriend for taking such good care of my during this gimpy phase!

What are you thankful for this week? 


Bummer! I guess you can just catch up on your Desperate Housewives marathon (or whatever show you like) for a few days! Also you could always do upper body workouts. I know my arms are pretty weak because I always neglect them and opt to run instead! I hope you get well soon!
I hope that your knee is starting to feel better and that you've been able to find some other ways to keep active. When I was in the boot last year, it drove me nuts that I wasn't able to do anything that required the lower body. So tried to do some upper body work but then my arm pain, which I thought was tendinitis but was actually undiagnosed RA, kept me from doing upper body stuff. I should have done some core work, though!

Something I am thankful for is that I am back to running and feeling healthy.
Amber said…
Ouch! That looks like some bad road rash you've got! Take it easy, I hope you're back to 100% asap! I have been feeling really thankful for where we live lately, we are just in such a beautiful area. I know I'm really lucky!

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