Weekend: Short but Sweet

As the last few unplanned weekends of the summer tick by, I want to fill them with as much adventure as possible. So this weekend, we set our sights on Central Oregon to hit up a few of our favorite spots in Bend and Sisters, OR. 

First stop: long run / mountain bike ride on the Peterson Ridge Trail (where I ran the 20 miler this April). 

For ultimate safety, I walked through all the rocky sections.

Lookouts encouraging you to run further than your legs request

Bike repair in the great outdoors

Three hours of trail running/hiking done. Knee a little sore and swollen, but manageable.

One of the two good spots we stopped for refueling, Crux Fermentation Project. 

He was saying something like "don't do it." Did it anyway. ;)

Sometimes nature just leaves you with your eyes wide open and your jaw dropped.

A $15 campsite (with showers!) made this one of the more affordable getaways we've had.

Coffee and breakfast at Sisters Coffee Co was pretty much a requirement. I could sit in this country-fied log cabin coffee shop all day long.

A scenic byway home to visit the Dee Wright Observatory

Lava rock as far as the eye can see...

The Three Sisters Mountains make a good backdrop.

It felt really good to cap off the week with what felt like a vacation. Breathing in the smells of pine and sage and being surrounded by epic views, adventurous people and awesome food and drink all make Central Oregon a place that we will continue to come back to again and again. And if it isn't already on your radar, add it to your must-do list!

What makes your weekends feel longer than simply 48 hrs?


I love the look on manfriend's face in the "don't you dare" pic! Looks like a fun and inexpensive getaway! You are so lucky that you live driving distance away from so many beautiful places from the coast to central Oregon to countless other places! Minnesota is pretty, but it's not pretty like Oregon is. I'd love to visit that area some day!
Amber said…
I really want to plan a vacation to Oregon one day. Maybe next summer! It is pretty close for us to come and spend four days there (with two driving days on either end) and it looks so amazing. I just love the west coast, we are so darn lucky to live here!!
Elizabeth said…
Have you guys ever stopped at the little coffee stand near Sisters (I think)? It has the most amazing huckleberry smoothies. I'll have to hunt down the details, but we stop there every time we pass thru and they seriously are amazing! Glad you guys got a great trip in :)

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