It Feels Good to Be Back

It's so true. It feels good to be back in every sense of the word. It was good to be back home after three weeks abroad, it feels good to eat vegetables, it feels really good to be getting back into shape, and it feels great to dive head first into summer.

And with these hot temps we've been having (90F this week), I'm really loving my peaceful, cooler morning runs.

In short, I've run, biked, yoga'd and weight lifted and I'm feeling back to normal!

Last week's workouts

Monday - hike/walk with Lindsey + yogaglo flow

Tuesday - 4.4 a.m. miles + Junior World Championships (spectating)

Incredible view with all the athletes and their countries' flags

When events like these come to town, I have to remind myself how lucky we are to live at the hub of the track & field universe.

Wednesday - a.m. weights + 7 mile p.m. trail run. Reminding myself hills make me stronger. 

Thursday - a.m. yoga + 3.3 mile run + watching Solstice about a woman's first 100 miler w/ a bunch of other sweaty runners. So much inspiration and run love in the room.

Friday - 3.1 a.m. miles + upper body strength

Saturday - 2 hour trail run + 1 hr outdoor power yoga

We rarely get opportunities like this in Eugene, so I jumped at the chance to join a free outdoor yoga class!

Sunday - 2 hrs of marathon cheering + 42 mile bike ride

Mile 20 is definitely a good place to stand to get some perspective on the marathon. People either look really strong or really miserable. Either way, everyone inspired me out there.

Workouts to try 
If you're like me, you like switching up your routine a LOT. Last week, I found two great strength workouts that not only get your heart pumping, but leave your muscles sore, so I thought I'd share. I did both of them M/W and then just the arms on Friday and I was definitely feeling it!

Sarah Fit is a blogger/YouTuber I follow who posts a lot of short, but effective workouts. These two are great to do on their own or together if you have the time.

Ultimate Booty Bootcamp - great lower body & cardio workout in 14 minutes
Wedding Day Arms - effective tricep & shoulder toning in 13 minutes

Want something a little more running focused? These 5K workouts by Coach Jenny Hadfield really do sound fun and effective. I want to give a few of them a try!

Good eats
I'm even more excited it's Friday because our second delivery of our CSA comes today! I signed up with Telltale Farm as soon as we got back into town for the second half of summer and I'm already so glad I did.

Each week for 12 weeks, we get organic fruits & veggies + a dozen eggs delivered to our doorstep.

The owner even sends recipes to make with the items you get each week. Has anyone else tried a CSA before?

The manfriend had another food first last week in that we tried cooking homemade pizza our charcoal grill. I wouldn't say it was awesome, but it has potential to be.

Last night, as I was driving home from beer after speed work, I was met with this view and just had to keep driving toward it. And then I stared at it until the sun went down.

Approx. 10x more incredible in person

Summer, you're my favorite. Also, can you believe it's August already?

What are you doing to celebrate summer this weekend? 


Amber said…
Oooh thanks for sharing those strength workouts! I will definitely try them next week. I'm always looking for new strength stuff to do these days to keep things interesting. I'm definitely noticing a major change in my body since adding in all the strength training and I like it!

It does feel so good to get back to a routine after a vacation, doesn't it? I always say the sign of a good vacation is when you're ready to go home!
Thanks for sharing those workouts! Amber and I have been trying to keep each other motivated so are always looking for new workouts as we've been doing a lot of the shred workouts on repeat. Which are great but it's good to mix it up a bit! I love shorter, intense workouts so I'll have to check out the 2 you posted!

It's always a good thing when you are happy to come back to normal life after a vacation. That's when you know that you are building the right kind of life. This weekend I am not doing too much which I am actually very happy about as the last several weekends were jam-packed. Tomorrow I am hoping to do some grilling or go to brunch with Phil and then I am getting together with girlfriends in the evening. But today will be low key so I am hoping to do some cooking/meal planning and then lots of reading on my patio. Oh and I ran 15 miles this morning so I definitely got my running in!

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