Race Week: Ready to Rumble

I forgot to mention how impressed I was with the fact that several of you plan out your work outfits the night before! This will be motivation for me to someday get my act together (or not - we'll see).

Well, it's race week around here and I'm trying to remind myself not to do anything stupid. It's amazing how easily you forget you're running a race and then next thing you know, you've got sore legs/abs/arms at the start line {been there, done that}.

From experience, I'm reminding myself to keep the miles easy and the weight lifting to a minimum the rest of the week. And 48 hrs prior to the race, I need to keep in mind that fiber is not as much my friend as it is every other day of the year, but carbs are fair game.

This week has been especially awesome on the weather front, so it's no surprise that my mood is following suit.  Monday I headed out after work for 7 miles on the bike path + a few minutes of walking because I just wanted to soak in the scenery and 70 something temps. My legs were going unusually fast for what felt like an easy run.

In an effort to not feel all tight and in pain Sunday morning, I went to Lindsey's yoga class Tuesday night and then did another 25 min of yoga this morning. I opted for Tiffany Cruikshank's 'Open your side body & IT bands' flow, which is awesome for runners with tight everything.

If you haven't tried YogaGlo before, they have a free 15 day trial and then it's $18/month for unlimited online yoga classes taught by amazing teachers. I highly recommend it.

Today's running plan is to do a few easy miles and skip the usual speed work. Friday, I'll likely take as a total rest day and then a short run Saturday morning. And with all of that, hopefully I'll feel ready to rumble on Sunday morning for 20 miles!

I'm also looking forward to this race because we'll be in Central Oregon {which I love} and my parents will be spending the weekend there as well as my youngest brother and his girlfriend. Woohoo!

On the fun front
I tried out a new place in town, Oregon Wine Lab for girls night on Tuesday eve. It's a cool new wine bar with some of the owner's wines that he makes in Southern Oregon as well as other local wines by the glass or flight. The owner was super cool and friendly and the space is really well done inside.

Because it was girls night {and because we were drinking wine}, it was necessary to also order TWO cheese plates. We clearly hated it all...

Well, here's to a fantastic Thursday! I hope you're seeing some sunshine in your neck of the woods.


missris said…
"which is awesome for runners with tight everything" um yeah, that's me to a T. I'm going to have to check this out!
I will have to check out yogaglow after my body can tolerate yoga a bit better as I definitely could use some deep stretching on a more regular basis.

I hope that you have a great race experience this week. That is fun that you'll get to see some of your family too!!
Elizabeth said…
I did yoga the night before the Shamrock Run so maybe that's why it went so well :) Glad you've had a great week of running. I keep staring out the window at the sunshine and am glad we're having it! Hope the race goes well--I can imagine you'll do more than fine :) And that wine bar AND girls night sound amazing.
Leigh said…
Thanks for that yoga website...I should check it out! And good luck this weekend!
Amber said…
Look at that amazing sunshine you have!

I am so bad at doing yoga at home. Like, so bad. I don't know why because I've been going to a studio for four years now but I just love the studio and class environment of yoga. I have started getting better about doing a few key stretches every night or after runs though.
Amber said…
PS: Good luck on your race!!!

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