Post Work Bike Date

I hope your week's going well! I'm back in school mode as of Monday, but with one class this term and life in general already feels way more manageable. 

Weekend Running Recap
Last Sunday I gathered a group of us to run the McKenzie River Trail. 

Little did I know that the first 10 miles of our run would involve plenty of snow! We ran up along Sahalie Falls and then around Clear Lake where there were long sections of 4-6" thick snow and we even ran as it snowed lightly for a bit. 

After making our way around the lake and back down along the water falls, we fueled up at the cars before heading out for another 7 miles. While it wasn't fast by any means, I definitely feel more prepared to tackle the 20 miles of trail on April 13. 

And because I couldn't resist, I threw my name in the lottery yesterday to run the McKenzie River Trail 50K again. We'll see if I snag a spot...

A Morning Short Cut
I wanted to share a little short cut that's been making my week a little bit easier. The night before, I've been prepping a small salad as part of my lunch (minus the dressing), yogurt (I usually mix berries/bananas and cinnamon into plain yogurt) and a PB&J or something else so that my mornings are a little less hectic.

Because I had picked up ingredients for the greek quiche last week, we still had some of those items on hand. I've really been loving this combo of kalamata olives + tomatoes + feta + artichoke hearts on my salad.

My dream goal is to have an outfit picked out or thought of the night before because picking out a matching, semi-cute outfit seems like a chore every morning. But as I said, it's more a dream than anything...

Bike Date
We have been back to rainy weather in Eugene for the last few weeks, but today was especially nice with 60 degree temps this afternoon. The manfriend and I planned for a post work "bike date" to get some fresh air and cruise the bike paths together.

Not a bad way to end the work + school day.

What I love about bike dates is that they can be free (this one was) and that we aren't distracted, scrolling on our various devices. We seem to notice things we haven't seen before and talk about all kinds of random things. Plus, there's something about just being on a bike that makes me feel like a kid and forget my worries.

Need some stress relief? Hop on a bike, STAT!

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather and having more opportunities for creative bike dates. The possibilities are endless... Bike to beers, bike around the river path, bike to picnic, bike to dinner, bike to ice cream. You get the drill.

Do you use any tricks to streamline your morning routine? Creative bike date ideas?


Elizabeth said…
I'm headed to the coast for the long weekend and might have to investigate this Trail you write of on the way down. I was going to hike yesterday but the drizzle and a headache persuaded me not to in exchange for finding a hiking spot while I'm headed south. This might do the trick. And most evenings I prep lunch and outfits in advance too (plus shower the night before)--it definitely helps but I still have to grant myself an hour to wake up, coffee, breakfast, etc. A bike date sounds fabulous--what a great idea. Hope your new term continues amazingly ;)
The bike date sounds like so much fun! I love biking - it does make me feel like a little kid. I don't own a bike but might buy one when/if I move back to Minneapolis as it's such a bike friendly city with so many miles of trails. Here in Charlotte that is so not the case...

My morning schedule is very set in stone and I don't really vary it much at all which makes me feel more efficient. Having my lunch packed the night before definitely helps. I don't pick out my outfits the night before but that would help, too, because I am always hemming and hawing over what to wear... It's getting a bit easier right now because it's been warmer here this week which means spring clothes! Yea! So I don't have to sort through my options and try to find something I haven't worn recently, which is nice as I was SO sick of my winter clothes.

I am glad that having 1 class is feeling more manageable for you!!
missris said…
I love the idea of a bike date! Now if only the weather would cooperate...
Luna said…
I always plan my outfits the night before ... not that my outfits are elaborate, or something, but no no no on picking them in the morning I am way too sleepy :D Those trails looks fantastic!And that is so crazy about snow!!!I am playing with the idea of running a 50k in May, as well...but it's very hilly so maybe it's not a good idea.we'll see! You have fun and hope you get chosen for the 50k!
Amber said…
Love that you guys do bike dates so often! Eric is not into biking and also our city is SUPER hilly and not very bike friendly or I would be all over bike dates! We do rent bikes pretty often when we travel though!
I sort of love running in the snow, though your views are a lot more spectacular than mine.

I can fake my way through showers, putting on make-up, getting dressed and making breakfast/lunch in the mornings, but my brain is way too foggy to do a good job of picking out clothes. I'm always better off if I pick out clothes the night before, especially since my closet is in Gavin's room and I hate to risk waking him up earlier than need be.

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