Thankful Thursday

Whew! School is kicking my butt, I tell ya. This Friday I have another chemistry test, followed by an anatomy test on Monday. Other than two social events this weekend, I won't be doing much else beyond studying.

This week's Thankful Thursday seems to have a them of COLD.

This Thursday, I'm thankful for...

The moon - I've been lucky enough to run a few miles with the moon the last few mornings. Morning runs are peaceful enough on their own, but with clear skies and a view of the moon, my runs have just felt a little extra wintery special.

Puffy Jackets/Vests - It might be silly, but my down jacket and vest have been keeping me warm, which makes me really happy as I'm almost always cold.

Heated Seats - It has been cold lately in Eugene and I've been enjoying on occasion, switching on the seat heaters while heading to or from work or class.

It was 26 degrees this morning during my 3.5 mile run around the neighborhood. Warming centers in local churches around the Eugene area have been open the last few nights to provide a place for homeless to sleep on these bitterly cold nights. Having a warm house, cuddly clothes and food to eat definitely makes me extra thankful this time of year.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I'm really looking forward to a few extra days off work and some down time to enjoy family, friends and good food!

Do you have any fun plans for your Thanksgiving weekend? Any recipes you're planning to make? I need to come up with something for our early Thanksgiving gathering with my mom's side of the family this Sunday.


That is a cute pic of you and the Manfriend! I love your jacket! It's been cooler here lately so I have had an excuse to wear my new BR coat! :)

I'll be in Paris for Thanksgiving and I will actually be attending a Thanksgiving dinner. Kind of random, but i met this runner on a plane back in September and it turned out his girlfriend lives in Paris. We kept in touch over email after my flight and he invited me to dinner a TG dinner he is hosting at his girlfriend's house, so I will get to celebrate. I hope his friends speak english. Ha. Besides that I am planning on soaking up every minute in Paris, devouring macarons, and taking lots of long walks!!
Unknown said…
I like your puffy jacket- would like to steal it :) ! and your heated seats...
Boy has the temperature ever dropped! It makes for some beautiful, cold, running!
Nice to see your gratitude list, Lauren.
I wonder if you plan to do any Thanksgiving races? EWEB maybe?
Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said…
Whew - didn't realize it got so cold in Eugene! I'm definitely thankful for down coats in the winter, and hot coffee. ;)

Happy Friday!

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