Just Enough

I'm glad you guys liked the virtual run date! We'll go on another soon.

I was thinking this morning on my two mile run (yes, you read that right), how lately I've been enjoying life on just enough of almost everything. Meaning, it's not sustainable long term, but for now, it's enough to get by.

The things I've been getting just enough of are:

Running - Noted by this morning's 16 minute run and Monday's 25 minute run, I'm not running a much, but I'm getting in enough sweatage to maintain my sanity and health, and frankly to feel like me. While I really want to be running 5+ miles at a time, it is rarely doable on weekdays other than Thursdays, typically. Truth is, I need to be getting my learn on even though it pains me to run less.

Studying - Instructors will tell you that each class (especially in the science field) require 10-20 hours outside class of additional reading, studying and homework PER WEEK! I'm taking two classes. I'll tell you that I'm definitely NOT doing 20 hours per class per week, but I am probably studying close to 10 hours per week per class. It's barely enough to get by, but I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. Of course, that could mean this Anatomy class might not end so well.

Social - For my liking, I'm really treading water here. I'm lucky if I have a few conversations in a week with a friend whether via phone, email, or at yoga or run group. December is going to be my month of social, I tell ya. I'm totally craving a day out at the wineries with girlfriends (and possibly their menfolk). The drive out to wine country is so pretty this time of year and the view from King Estate or Sweet Cheeks (while sipping a nice red) is pretty fantastic. Oh and a fun dinner party with lots of good food.

$$ - I know it's taboo to talk about money. I'm going to do it. School is expensive, even at a community college. I'm lucky to still be able to work 32 hours per week, which makes it possible to cover most of my regular bills, plus school, but not much else. Life is expensive! Random costs pop up and add up quickly (rubber floor mats for our car, Urgent Care bill from my sinus infection visit a few months ago, etc.)

Are there areas of your life you're just getting enough in and hoping to strengthen in the coming months?


Amber said…
I like this take on things! I am definitely at "just enough" with house cleaning right now. I haven't done a good deep clean in about 5 weeks and you can definitely tell. I have Friday off work though so I'm going to do one then!! I also went for a 2 mile run the other day, my motto is __ (insert number higher than 1 here) is better than 0 miles!
I can relate to this 'just enough' concept as well. These days I am getting just enough sleep (which I feel very thankful for after a string of not nearly enough sleep months), I'm spending just enough time in Charlotte to tolerate it (meaning, I was gone half the month of October and will be gone half the month of November). I'm doing just enough planning for my Paris trip, but way less than possible.

That expectations for hours outside of the classroom is INSANE!!
J said…
I often run two miles! Some days thats all you need or want! Its good to take a break and just do what you can!

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