Sunday Morning Six

Thanks for all your kind words on my hair and makeup trial! It's definitely helpful to get some feedback, especially on the hair as someone who rarely does anything special with her locks.

Today's post is going to be pretty random, so saddle up!

1. Remember how I was raving about this HUGE $10 organic bag of berries from Costco? Uh, yeah... The Today Show just reported on how that OR berry farm had a Hepatitis A outbreak and the product has been recalled. Glad I just finished that entire bag. #not

Currently seeking: clean, local, organic berries 

2. My laptop is about five years old and needless to say, it's pretty full thanks to thousands of photos. I've backed them up, but hate to delete them so every few weeks I get a message that my startup disk is almost full. I then go through and delete poor quality photos (blurry, ugly, pointless) to clear some space. Anyone else have this same issue?

3. The weather shows 70s and 80s in our future for the next week. Summer is here. Halleluiah! But the rain will be back. After all, this is Oregon. 

Perfect weather for distance running at Hayward Field on Fri night
Men's 10,000m race @ Prefontaine Classic

4. We checked off a few more things from the wedding to do list. I have a few more things I hope to check off today as well!

  • Pete bought his shirt, tie and shoes for the wedding. Who knew finding an ivory shirt would be such a hassle? My dress is ivory, so his shirt also needs to be ivory. 
  • I had my first dress fitting! Now, it just needs a little hem and it will be good to go. 
  • Made reservations for the dog at a local boarder for wedding weekend

5. Yesterday, I ran in maybe 60 degree temps and wanted to take my shirt off. Then I remembered I'd be training for the Chicago Marathon the entire summer...

Abs, it's time to tighten up!

6. I can't get enough of Target's Mossimo vneck tees. At $8 a pop and super comfy, they're hard to pass up. I have about five different colors and picked up a heathered mint green yesterday. 

How is your weekend going so far? Any plans for today? 

I'm debating a run or Insanity video and of course wedding related things. I'm still sore from Friday morning's weight lifting routine, a Best Body Bootcamp workout from last year. Meanwhile, the manfriend is riding 117 miles with his team at the Gran Fondo!! 


Tasha Malcolm said…
That would happen after you eat the bag of berries. :/

I love those Target vneck tees. I want them in every color x2. They are the best!

My weekend was busy. A 5K race, crossfit and then a 20 mile bike ride today. I am ready for bed now.
missris said…
My laptop is five years old and I get that "startup disk is full" message pretty often. I think I just need to get a new laptop...
My laptop is 6 years old and I haven't gotten that startup disk message, but I do keep getting messages about my battery needing to be replaced. I should just buy a new computer but I keep putting it off!

I am glad you are getting some warmer temps! It has been HUMID here in Charlotte lately. I have only been walking in it since I'm still sidelined from running but even walking in it feels gross so I am a bit nervous about what training in it will be like (assuming I am able to train for Chicago... it's seeming less likely day by day).
Anonymous said…
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Those strawberries look really good! Bummer about the possible Hep A scare! My computer is about 4 years old and it was full about 2 years ago! I finally got an external hard drive and moved all my photos over, because that is what was taking up the most space (and music)!

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