Whoa, Week

Whoa, week. Where did you go?

The theme of my week was definitely exhaustion. Per the usual, I chugged on ignoring the signs of burn out. This weekend, I reminded myself again and again that it's okay to just be. But tell that to a brain that knows there's about 125 things to do for an upcoming wedding and it seems all I get is static.

Today, I finished a solid 10 miler during our local group run. I wanted to stick with a group who was running faster than my comfortable long run pace (7:50-8:10 pace), and I did for about 7.5 miles and then I let them drift off.

It was fine with me, I wanted to walk a few minutes here and there, but I know if I push just a bit, I can hang with that crew. With so many of my runs being solo, it's easy to just run the comfy pace I want to run.

I love neon orange. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

This weekend, we finally finished the last of the invitation details - sealing, stamping, organizing. The manfriend even helped me this week to get everything stuffed and ready to be sent! 

Hard to imagine this is actually happening...

I also finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed in some kind of lightning speed (for me). Seriously, I was reading this by flashlight at night and could barely put it down. If you too are late to the Wild party, get on it already! But be warned: you may want to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail afterward.

Fashions of late

Colored cropped pants

Long sleeve: Gap, pants: LOFT, sandals: Bandalino

A wee bit casual, but it works.

Aqua + grey

Cardigan thing: LOFT, long sleeve: Gap, colored jeans: Old Navy, sandals: same as above, 
necklace: made by yours truly inspired by a Pinterest bib necklace

For whatever reason, I can't seem to find anything else to go with these pants. Grey and aqua seem to work, but nothing else in my closet really meshes with these pants. Luckily, I'm a fan of this combo. 

In the way of wedding, we also met with a flower person and I scheduled my dress fitting and alterations. Thus continues the never ending list of things to do.

In blog land, I enjoyed seeing all the posts and instagrams about Blend Retreat 2013 in Park City, Utah. After attending the Healthy Living Summit in 2011, I know that these kind of blog conferences are one jam packed weekend of learning, healthy eats and exercise, and awesome in person connections.

Tell me: Best thing you ate this weekend? And your favorite moment of serenity over the last few days? Sweet potato fries with my dinner out on Friday night. Windows rolled down, sun shining and the manfriend driving us to the local home improvement store for tomato plants.


I'll tell you what a friend at work has told me when I have been overwhelmed and pushing myself too far. She said - we are human beings, not human doings, so you need to just 'be' sometimes. I know it's not easy to internalize that as I feel guilty when I take it too easy.

I love your outfits! I have very similar colored cropped pants. I can't get enough of the colored pants trend!

The best thing I ate this weekend was a green curry rice noodle dish that I made on Saturday night. My moment of serenity was relaxing and reading on the couch last night after a long day of studying.
Gracie said…
It sounds wrong, but try a brick red with the aqua.
Danielle said…
I would go with a dark navy or purple accent, possibly yellow. Love the pants!
Danielle said…
I would go with a dark navy or purple accent, possibly yellow. Love the pants!
Amber said…
Look at you all stylish in your coloured pants! LOVE both those outfit combos!
Elizabeth said…
Great outfits! I second the yellow with the turquoise pants! :) Or orange. And I agree, Wild, def makes one want to do part of the PCT trek....luckily its in our backyard, no?! :)

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